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Tell us everything you do with regards to nutes for your grow. What brand you use, what concentrations, do you mix to a formula or moniter with a meter, do you use bud additives or foliar sprays, do you use a heater, how often you mix a fresh batch, how you flush, what kind of system you use them in. basically, everything you do in relation to NUTES!


hoping to get a good database of information here so I can link to this thread from the FAQ.

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Guest GrowMad

My system is really simple... It's just a mix of perlite and coco-coir (30% perlite/70% coir)... I use Manutec nutes (Hydroponic solution for veg and Bloom Booster for flowering) and mix these to the directions on the pack. If I need pH down I usually just add a drop of vinegar as this is a very natural pH down (Bi-Carb Soda for pH up). But with the Manutec nutes it usually balances out to about pH 6.5 anyway.


I grow them in 200mm pots up to about 90-100cm tall under a 400w Sunmaster Super Deluxe HPS lamp.


I feed them every water (which averages out to every 3 days) and flush them after every 2 weeks. Usually I let them run dry before watering which allows the salts to flush a lot easier (from what I can gather). And flush the final 2 weeks of flowering to eliminate excess build up.


It's a really basic system. No additives or sprays, just handwatering with basic nutrients... Seems to work for me.. :D

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I use a recirculating system, I'm not that keen on run to waste. Have a look at the problems they've caused large scale in the Netherlands.

Plus I'm in an apartment. It goes a little somethin like this......


* 30 litre resevoir, 50 watt heater used for winter to keep tank at 24 C

* Air pump and 24 cm foam airwand. Easy to clean, just stretch it and the air cleans the clogs out. ON 24 hours.

*Grow nutes - Headrush grow mixed, Nitrozyme 1ml per litre.

*Bloom nutes - Headrush bloom mix, Add bud (organic bloom booster) 2ml per litre. Foliar feed one week before flowering start and once per 8 days with superbloom (Clormequat). Plain water last 2 weeks, except no water last 4 days.

*Nute mix - Headrush is a bioponic mix. 2 part, A & B. 70/30 Ato B for grow, 30/70 A to B for bloom. Start at EC of 22. Top up with water only till EC drops to 11 then top up nutes to 22 again. PH is kept at 6.8, which is optimal for this nutrient.

*Flushing - OK, here's where the Headrush is worth the money too. I flush once when I change to bloom, and once at 2 weeks before harvest when I change to water only. No more. 2 flushes a grow.

*Meters - New Zealand Hydroponics 'Truncheon' EC/PPM/CF meter.

Hanna PH meter.

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I use any nutes I have at hand, last few grows I've used canna, this grow I'm using canna for veg and Dutchfest for flowering. I've used the dutchfest before and dont really like it because of its colour and how much it stains and the fact I get a skin of chunky red crap in my inline filter, cos the nutes aren't mixed up properly.


But I tend to find no difference in the nutes, even non cannabis specific hydro nutes work well.


Nutrients are only a tiny factor of your grow, the different brands of nutes and additives dont really matter much, because ultimately the plant will make its final decision on what it eats. Its a bit like these people that spend heaps of money on vitamin pills, they are not any healthier than someone with a stable healthy diet, there is not yet any kind of plant steroids. You cant buy a chemical that turns mexican bagseed into white widow or big bud.


Anyhoo. I use a bubbler system with about 140ltrs in the buckets, or 9 20ltr buckets, 1 is the control bucket which has a float valve which gets filled from a 60ltr tub raised up on a bench. There is a inline tap/valve in between the float valve and the 60ltr tub. The control bucket is outside of the grow box.


At the start of each grow I close the tap, and put new water in the tub. Then I add nutrients at 1/3 strength of instructions. Which is usually around 80ml to 100ml in the 60ltrs. Then I open the tap and let it fill the buckets and then fill up the tub and add new water to the tub and add nutes again at the same rate and fill up the buckets again, then I top up the tub with plain water and leave the tap open. I let the tub go empty and then fill it up again with plain water and then let that get almost empty before I change the nutes.

To change the nutes I pump the nutes out of the buckets with a decent aquarium waterpump and add new nutrients as above.

Sometimes after the tub has emtied the first time I will add the next 60ltrs with up to 1/2 strength nutrients, depending if the plants look like they need it.

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