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What other additives do I need for my coco flowering cycle?

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I am posting to ask for your expertise in the area of coco flowering.


Now I have 2 pineapple chunk plants ready to flip to 12/12 flower in a coco scrog setup. They are both in 20L UV-safe black buckets.

One is larger than the other but it works out well under the screen.

I was wondering if I could get some more ideas on other additives to use during flowering.

I have coco nutrients, silica, seasol, fish emulsion and pk13-14.

I am destined to get a few ounces of great quality smoko but what other additives will get me a larger yield? This may be my final grow for some time.

I have heard of H&G shooting powder but I am not sure what weeks to add it in or what the ingredients to shooting powder actually are.

Canna Boost is really expensive and so is cannazyme. But it might be worth while paying for them.


What else should I buy as money is not a big issue for me?? I just want big rock buds.

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Additives can really help out but they can't even come close to the potential that increasing your vege time can to increasing your yield.  I'll leave recommendations for additives up to other members as I've been out of the growing scene for quite some time until just recently, but personally I would rather give the plants an extra week vege than buy something designed to just add weight.

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I'd be running rhino drive a super quality potash from week 2 on , you could have done canna boost accel as foliar last week of grow and say 3 weeks into flower so a 250mls l do , shooting powder is weeks 5,6-7 , I feel canna pk tastes crap so stick with rhino up to week 5 as you only run shooting powder with half strength nuts and no potash , on weeks 5-8 running bloom ooze and final or canna bio boost makes for some icky sticky tasty niceness,,,,, Edited by galactically
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keep it simple

base nutes

with some potash maybe

but as u have shooting powder id just run that

many addatives can interact

keeping it simple helps if something goes wring

easier to track back and finfd the issue

all the best



Well thankyou for your input bil. I havn't bought the shooting powder yet but I will be in the next month before I need it. It will be good to get a second flower booster hit for massive bud growth

Good idea keeping it simple I might go with that bil it will be easier I think too


Totally agree with Billo.


If your buds are lacking the weight or density you're after the best thing you can do to improve this is to find a better strain or phenotype. This will increase your weight/density more satisfactorily than additives.


Naycha :peace:


This is the first time I have grown pineapple chunk Naycha so lets hope for the best and maybe I will get the phenotype I want for those rock hard, fat, chunky, fruity buds

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Mate, I agree with bufo and naych......... Its not about cramming as much crap into em as ya can, Hoping that will help.

Stay away from PGR's or anything saying "50% yield increase" , they are crap.


Use ya PK 13-14 in week 5, then in week 6 use shooting powder (with HALF strength nutes) at 6.5g per 10L , then in week 7 and 8 at 13g per 10L.

If that doesnt give ya fat chunky buds on Pineapple Chunk.... which I've grown a few times, and is awesome......... nothing will.

And those products arent some gimmicky weight gainer....... if ya just want weight and dont give a toss how, ya askin the wrong people.

N.P.K ratio of shooting powder is 0:39:25


Peace. Nibbler.

Edited by The Hash Nibbler
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