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    Dive into Australia's premier Medical Cannabis Dispensaries directory at OZ Stoners. Our platform specialises in authentic ratings and reviews of medical cannabis clinics and dispensaries, focusing on the quality of service and patient care. Whether you're seeking professional medical advice, a welcoming clinic environment, or excellent patient support, our curated list is your essential guide to the best service providers in the field.

    While exploring the top-rated services, don't forget to check out our Medical Cannabis Strain Reports database. This complementary resource provides detailed reviews and insights on various cannabis strains, aiding in your overall medical cannabis journey. It's an invaluable tool for understanding the effects and benefits of different strains, directly from the experiences of other users.

    We encourage each medical cannabis user to share their experiences with clinics and dispensaries, as well as their insights on different cannabis strains. Your contributions help others make informed decisions and enrich the collective knowledge of our community.

    Rate and review today on OZ Stoners! With Dispensed as a featured entry and all other entries sorted by user ratings, you're not just finding the best services but also contributing to a trusted, community-driven source of information. Join us at OZ Stoners to shape a more informed and supportive medical cannabis environment in Australia.

    • OZ Stoners


      Visit: Dispensed website.
      In the expansive realm of Australian cannabis medicine, Dispensed has carved out a unique niche as the nation's most user-friendly online platform. Catering to a discerning clientele seeking top-tier cannabinoid care, this innovative platform facilitates seamless connections to highly adept clinicians and Authorised Prescribers, each well-versed in the intricate nuances of cannabinoid therapies.

      For prospective patients, the journey begins with a concise initial questionnaire. This pivotal step ensures Dispensed's Authorized Prescribers garner a holistic understanding of individual medical profiles. Upon diligent evaluation, these prescribers then craft tailor-made cannabinoid treatment plans, precisely calibrated to meet unique therapeutic needs.

      But Dispensed's commitment to excellence doesn't halt at prescription. They elevate convenience to unprecedented heights by ensuring that every meticulously formulated cannabinoid therapy is dispatched directly to patients' doorsteps. It's this emphasis on end-to-end care that has positioned Dispensed as a luminary in the Australian cannabis medicine sector.

      Beyond their clinical excellence, Dispensed's ethos is deeply rooted in transforming Australia's alternative plant-therapy landscape. Their fervent passion lies in not just offering premier cannabinoid solutions but in genuinely alleviating the strains associated with chronic ailments. By simplifying access to cutting-edge cannabinoid therapies, Dispensed strives to make life for those with health challenges just that bit more manageable and fulfilling.

    • Polln

      Visit: Polln website.
      Situated in the pulsating heart of the Australian medical cannabis industry, Polln emerges as a beacon of transformative healthcare, harmoniously fusing traditional and cannabis medicine. Drawing from the foundational conviction that pristine inputs result in unparalleled outputs, Polln channels its vast expertise towards advocating natural alternatives, with an emphasis on Australian cannabis. Especially in contexts where conventional medicinal treatments seem to wane or inflict adverse side effects, Polln’s meticulous strategy prioritises the vast therapeutic potential of cannabinoids.

      In Australia's dynamic cannabis medicine landscape, characterised by diverse patients and multifaceted needs, Polln’s approach is comprehensive. They don't just provide symptomatic relief; they target the very roots of ailments. Their overarching mission resonates deeply with the aspirations of Australians: achieving holistic wellbeing through the nuanced and strategic application of cannabinoid therapies.

    • Releaf

      Visit: Releaf website.
      Releaf Clinics, proudly stands as the nation's trailblazing medical cannabis clinic and dispensary ensemble. Since its inception in 2017, this institution has carved a niche, championing the seamless integration of conventional medical practices and cannabis medicine. Their ambition? Revitalizing the medical cannabis consultation and medication access avenues for Australians, ensuring they harness the full potential of Australian cannabis.

      These clinics extend beyond the traditional healthcare mold. They present a fusion of integrative medicine hubs, each deeply rooted in cannabis medicine wisdom, accompanied by state-of-the-art pharmacies geared towards cannabinoid care. Their retail dispensaries, meanwhile, encapsulate the essence of Australian cannabis — comprehensive, diverse, and tailored for the discerning Australian consumer.

      Amidst Australia's burgeoning cannabis medicine tapestry, Releaf Clinics shine. Their meticulously curated offerings, ranging from dedicated cannabis pharmacies to integrative clinics, set them apart as a holistic solution for Australia's cannabis care needs.

    • Little Green Pharma

      Visit: Little Green Pharma website.
      Carving a niche in the annals of Australia's medicinal cannabis journey is Little Green Pharma, often hailed as the nation's pioneering force in this domain. An evocative image of a verdant cannabis leaf, gently dripping its potent oil into a rustic brown bottle, perhaps best symbolises their ethos.

      Established in 2016, the heart of Little Green Pharma beats with a singular purpose: ameliorating the life of a child grievously affected by seizures. This purpose propelled them to make history in 2018 by introducing Australia's first locally cultivated cannabis medicine. An advocate for affordability, their product was priced at half the rate of then available imported options, reflecting their commitment to the Australian populace.

      With pride, they have been relentlessly churning out affordable, all-natural medical cannabis solutions that provide relief from an array of severe health afflictions. Their endeavour? To usher in a transformative change in patients' lives.

      Spearheaded by their dynamic CEO, Fleta Solomon, the journey of Little Green Pharma is a testament to innovation and determination. They've seamlessly merged the bounties of nature with cutting-edge science, striving to offer natural therapeutic solutions with unmatched efficacy.

      In the realm of medical cannabis care, trust and confidence reign supreme. Australia, renowned for its stringent cannabis cultivation and production regulations, serves as Little Green Pharma's backdrop. Their adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensures that every medicinal product is manufactured and tested rigorously, aligning with the high-quality benchmarks set by Australian standards.

      As visionaries, they anticipated the need for expansion, given their burgeoning reputation not just in Australia but also in Europe. Consequently, they acquired a state-of-the-art GMP-certified medicinal cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facility in Denmark (EU). This expansive facility, encompassing a 21,500 m2 cultivation space and a 4,000 m2 post-harvest GMP manufacturing arena, boasts the capability to produce a staggering 20 tonnes of biomass annually. This includes 12 tonnes of GMP-grade cannabis flower, ready for global distribution in both bulk and finished formats.

      At its core, Little Green Pharma thrives on values that shape its vibrant culture. It's not merely about the products but the beliefs and behaviours that resonate in every endeavour. As a rapidly growing entity, its foundation is cemented in innovation, collaborative spirit, and an unwavering passion. With a leadership team that epitomises these values, Little Green Pharma is poised to burgeon as a global forerunner in the medical cannabis landscape.

    • At the forefront of Australia's medicinal cannabis industry, the Australian Cannabis Clinics (ACC) emerges as an embodiment of dedication and expertise. ACC's team, comprised of AHPRA registered doctors, specialise in medical cannabis therapies and are steadfast in their commitment to delivering therapeutic relief to Australians. By harnessing the power of Telehealth phone consultations, ACC is ensuring access to its expert services nationwide.

      Transparency is a defining ethos for ACC. The clinic assures its patrons of a clear and upfront pricing model. This means no hidden shipping costs, no unexpected dispensing charges, and no TGA application fees. Those who engage with ACC are guaranteed their medication at the Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

      In a move to empower its clientele further, ACC offers an exclusive product portal. This portal demystifies the vast array of legal medicinal cannabis products available Down Under, allowing patients to navigate their therapeutic options with ease.

      But ACC's commitment doesn't end with cannabis. The clinic actively collaborates with physicians throughout Australia, creating a holistic treatment plan for patients who've previously seen minimal relief with conventional approaches. With ACC at the helm, regulatory pathways are navigated efficiently, ensuring timely access to medicinal cannabis. All the while, referring doctors are kept informed, solidifying the patient's journey to holistic well-being.

      ACC's influence on the medical landscape has been significant. Through their expansive network and unmatched expertise, they have transformed the lives of over 10,000 individuals. As trailblazers in this nascent medical field, ACC's team — a synergy of doctors and diligent support staff — is setting a gold standard in the realm of Australian medicinal cannabis care.

      As the journey of ACC continues, they are on the lookout for innovative physicians to join their ranks. This offers a unique opportunity for medical professionals to dive into an evolving domain where the primary emphasis remains on patient care, free from the typical administrative encumbrances.

    • Alternaleaf

      Visit: Alternaleaf website.
      Alternaleaf, a pioneer in the Australian telehealth scene, is a renowned online medical clinic, catering to the rising demand for plant-based and medical cannabis therapies. Serving over 100,000 Aussies, they've seamlessly blended traditional medical wisdom with cutting-edge cannabis medicine.

      Starting with a brief 30-second complimentary pre-screening questionnaire, Alternaleaf is your gateway to holistic health alternatives. They connect patients with a dedicated team of doctors and nurses, all of whom hold deep expertise in plant-based and cannabis medicine. Their mission remains steadfast: ushering patients on a transformative journey to wellness.

      With Alternaleaf, every step towards better health is simplified:

      Pre-screening: Dive into a brief, complimentary questionnaire to gauge your potential qualification for medical cannabis treatments.
      Consultation: Schedule online telehealth consultations and engage with healthcare professionals skilled in cannabis medicine from any corner of Australia.
      Home Delivery: For those qualifying, Alternaleaf ensures that your prescribed medical cannabis arrives discreetly at your doorstep.
      Follow-Up Care: Their intuitive online portal lets patients reorder their cannabis medicine and book subsequent consultations, fostering continuity and personalised care.
      Heralded as a leading light in Australia's medical cannabis domain, Alternaleaf's ethos is clear and impactful: aiding individuals on their health journey. They're redefining how Australians access cannabis medicine, from the initial consultation to the delivery of quality-tested medications.

      Their commitment to patient care is unwavering, supported by an illustrious Patient Care Team and a cadre of doctors well-versed in the intricacies of cannabis medicine. All doctors are AHPRA registered, and their expertise spans general practice to specific conditions that cannabis medicine has shown promise in treating. While Melbourne houses Alternaleaf's heart, their clinical reach extends nationally.

      Every product endorsed by their partner pharmacies undergoes stringent quality assessments. This commitment ensures patients access the pinnacle of medical cannabis therapies at competitive price points.

      Christopher Strauch, the visionary behind Alternaleaf, affirms, "Our collaborations with Australia's top medical cannabis specialists ensure that our patients receive unparalleled, empathetic care from start to finish

    • CDA Clinics

      Visit: CDA Clinics website.
      Founded in 2018, CDA Clinics was one of the first companies in the country to provide specialty consultations to Australian patients suffering from chronic conditions and looking to explore alternative treatment options. CDA Clinics was established as a network of passionate clinicians that provide consultation and prescription services for eligible patients wanting to explore plant medicine to treat their underlying

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