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  • Carving a niche in the annals of Australia's medicinal cannabis journey is Little Green Pharma, often hailed as the nation's pioneering force in this domain. An evocative image of a verdant cannabis leaf, gently dripping its potent oil into a rustic brown bottle, perhaps best symbolises their ethos.

    Established in 2016, the heart of Little Green Pharma beats with a singular purpose: ameliorating the life of a child grievously affected by seizures. This purpose propelled them to make history in 2018 by introducing Australia's first locally cultivated cannabis medicine. An advocate for affordability, their product was priced at half the rate of then available imported options, reflecting their commitment to the Australian populace.

    With pride, they have been relentlessly churning out affordable, all-natural medical cannabis solutions that provide relief from an array of severe health afflictions. Their endeavour? To usher in a transformative change in patients' lives.

    Spearheaded by their dynamic CEO, Fleta Solomon, the journey of Little Green Pharma is a testament to innovation and determination. They've seamlessly merged the bounties of nature with cutting-edge science, striving to offer natural therapeutic solutions with unmatched efficacy.

    In the realm of medical cannabis care, trust and confidence reign supreme. Australia, renowned for its stringent cannabis cultivation and production regulations, serves as Little Green Pharma's backdrop. Their adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensures that every medicinal product is manufactured and tested rigorously, aligning with the high-quality benchmarks set by Australian standards.

    As visionaries, they anticipated the need for expansion, given their burgeoning reputation not just in Australia but also in Europe. Consequently, they acquired a state-of-the-art GMP-certified medicinal cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facility in Denmark (EU). This expansive facility, encompassing a 21,500 m2 cultivation space and a 4,000 m2 post-harvest GMP manufacturing arena, boasts the capability to produce a staggering 20 tonnes of biomass annually. This includes 12 tonnes of GMP-grade cannabis flower, ready for global distribution in both bulk and finished formats.

    At its core, Little Green Pharma thrives on values that shape its vibrant culture. It's not merely about the products but the beliefs and behaviours that resonate in every endeavour. As a rapidly growing entity, its foundation is cemented in innovation, collaborative spirit, and an unwavering passion. With a leadership team that epitomises these values, Little Green Pharma is poised to burgeon as a global forerunner in the medical cannabis landscape.

    Visit: Little Green Pharma website.

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