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My First Indoor Grow

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Hey Guys,


This is my first indoor grow with random seeds.


1 looks to be some sort of indica/sativa cross while the other seems to be showing more pure sativa charactiristics.


Growing in a 1.2x1.2x2m tent, 6" adjustable fan for exhaust and passive intake. 3 x 4" oscillating fans to move air round. medium is coco and 600w HPS with digital(lucius maximus) ballast.

The girls are now taking water daily in their 7th week of flower and seem to look healthy apart from the lack of light to the bottom(i know most people just cut these off but i prefer to let nature do its thing i guess). I likely could've gone bigger pot sizes but not seeing any real root binding so i think i will get by until the end of this grow.

I have just about filled the tent without meaning too, i likely shouldve flipped to flowering when they were a tad smaller. So it does appear a little cramped in there.


Think i may have picked up a small bout of "Springers", though as long as its not effecting growth or doing root damage I believe these should be bareable as long as it doesnt turn into an infestation. I have had no issues or noticed any other bugs and have gotton right down under the lower branches with a 20x scope.


Anyway enough of a rundown on the setup, let's get into the pics. Any thoughts, advice or tips very much appreciated. :)


Cheers in advance guys!
















*edited due to my terrible typing :)

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looks like you've pretty well nailed it indoors, D1. B)


All I can add is if you've run out of ceiling space, maybe try and tie them down a bit more and space the branches out where you can so you could get better light penetration. And from looking at the buds, it looks like it might be at least another 3 weeks before it might be ready to finish up. So guessing, I'd say you're probably right when you've identified it as being sativa dominant.


If you haven't already. Invest in a jeweler's loupe (30x magnification at least) and keep an eye on those trichrome's and how they're progressing. :)


Other than that, it's looking pretty fuckin' schmick in there, D1. Bloody nice effort for first time indoors. :peace:

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Cheers mate, I've tied all she can tie, I think the girl on the left has about 3 to go and the right will likely be a longer 12-13 week run from my research. I'm hoping to get the smaller left one out a couple weeks earlier and let the more pure looking spread it's wings a bit for the end of it's run. I have a couple jewellers loupes with 20/60x on them I'm using at the moment which is how I managed the poor quality trich pic haha



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The more hybrid looking on the left was pulled a week ago, just about dried up to be cured in the next couple of days. The larger on the right which looks almost full sativa is fattening up a bit more going into last week of flush. Haven't had much of a test yet but the hash off the scissors from trimming gave quite a nice heady sativa buzz. Looking forward to trying the cured product when it's done, that's for sure....

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