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Bubbleponics Question

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Hi guys/gals,


I’m a bit of a rookie when it comes to hydroponics.


I’ve recently invested in a 19L bubbleponics setup.


My first go of it I didn’t run a top feed and running the water close to the bottom of the basket seemed to keep my plants roots way to moist resulting in death.


This is my second go, and this time around I’ve only added 10L and then bought a small pump and tubing for a top feed, which comes on every 6hrs for 2mins.


With the air stone in the bucket with only 10L is still splashes the bottom of the basket which is ideal and with the nutes the plant itself is absolutely cranking!!


My questions -


1. Does that water schedule seem right?

2. Should I run the top feed system the entire time? Seems to be doing well ( 2weeks old )

3. Any tips and tricks for bubbleponics?


Setup :-


Tent - 1x2

Light - CFL 130W 6400K

Fan - 8inch on medium

Carbon filter

19L bubbleponics bucket ( 10L atm )

Basket with Cannaclay pebbles

Airstone on high

Small pump for top feed with additional bubbler

Nutrients - Terra Aqua Tripart



Also sorry if this a traditional noob asking a question in the wrong section[emoji23]



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Don't be worried bout being a newbie, we all were at some stage, so you ask away.


Now, I must admit bubbleponics is not the way I grow, but here's my take:


In very basic terms your bubbleponics setup is a DWC setup, the added topfeeder turns it into bubbleponics.

An issue that many DWC growers have is keeping the fluids at the correct temp and many/most use a refrigeration unit to maintain the appropriate temps. Those temps are super important or you'll grow yourself a nice crop of algae, stunting the plants growth and messing with your pH and EC levels


I run a topfeeding recirc system, my feed times are15min/2hrs. My roots are not suspended in fluid but rather I use a medium (or soil substitute) called perlite. This allows all my fluid to drain from the pots, assuring those roots have access to air and are not constantly soaking. Also because my fluids drain away I don't need the refrigeration unit, but instead have a fish tank heater to warm the fluid temps prior to feeding (much easier and cheaper too). If you're system seems to be working well with the topfeeder, I'd leave it there. 


Best of luck with it all. Awaiting a running update lol lol lol



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