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Mistakes were made

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Penny for your thoughts. I have a very slow growing plant. A GSC auto in DWC (yes, probably a bad decision for a noob).

It's 5 weeks old today, bushy but very short (11cm) and is showing no signs of flowering. I don't want a 4 month grow!

- 300W LED

- Small tent in garage

- temps 20-24C

- humidity 40-50%

- THC nutes Grow A + B. Gradually increased to 3/4 of dose shown on bottle. pH has dropped to 5.5 since so will back off to 1/2 dose next rez change (EC 0.8). I think I was giving it too much relative to its size.

- 20/4 light schedule

Leaves are pale between veins since beginning. Have added some epsom salts but no noticeable change. Not sure if I need cal mag. Nutes are pretty low in phosphorous though. Dry edges on some leaves from suspected light burn. Moved LED further away and seems to have improved.

Root mass looks healthy but small. Humidity is low because I'm using a small dehuey to help keep the tent warm. Not much ventilation though because of super cold nights.

I'm tempted to try a different seed in soil or coco in a pot beside this one. If it goes off I can get rid of this shorty, write off 5 weeks and put it down to experience.

Any advice would be appreciated. CHeers.


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Ha! Lucky you. I use pH drops. She's been around 6.0 for most of the grow but it's fallen to 5.5 (or possibly lower) in the last week or so. I suspect its because there too much nutes this week so I'll cut back next res change and see what happens. Cheers.

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