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Guest weekprik

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Guest weekprik

Hi, This is a run down on my current systems,


1st unit is a portable wardrobe, has a exhaust fan in the very top of the unit, which blows past an ozone generator 20w,

Inlet fan is mounted in the side of the unit and blows fresh air on to the plants (and light at the moment),


I run a flood and drain system, hydroton, fan controller (thermostat),

system is fed 15 mins every 2 hrs, fans operate at 29deg, nutes are warmed to 22deg,

1st system is NLPI and is 2 plants.

The light is run so that it turns off at 8pm and comes on again at 1am,

I have not made these units light proof but is easily done if needed, but I dont need stealth anyways.

1000ppm in grow, 1680 in flower.


A+B= Amsterdam indoors, additives- Budlink silica, nutriboost, DM max, H202.


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Guest weekprik

system 2 is also a portable wardrobe,

BUT has only 1x fan which is an exhaust and will use passive vents as Inlet, (do I need an inlet fan? time will tell),


In this unit is my 400hps,

flood and drain, hydroton, no Nute heater, fan is continously run, light is 24hrs,


Nutes are A+b= Amsterdam indoors, Nutriboost, Budlink,


BUT I plan to have this unit fully Organic, but cant afford the stuff I will need just yet.

I also havent researched what nutes to use either yet??


this one contains all my other strains.

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Guest weekprik

my cheapie camera wont take the pics, the light is too strong and my camera battery is getting flat so wont take a pic, but I will have more info soon okies, watch this spot :)


the first pic- grow1- shows the inlet fan better though, Its positioned about 2 feet above the top of the boxes.


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