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Recently we decided to look in to the Ozi Magic range of nutrients and additives.

We bought the Ozi Tonic, Monsta Bud, Sweet Az, and Magic Bud Grow.

We've be using them in conjuction with our existing Canna products, Coco A + B, PK 13/14, and Cannazyme.
We also use silica, but haven't settled on a brand as yet.


Late last week, I ordered more Ozi Tonic, Monsta Bud, Sweet Az, and MBG. The plants seemed to respond positively to them. (Not used all at once mind you, we've been following what the labels say.)


I also ordered Ozi Magic's Grow and Bloom powders. I'm keen to try just the Ozi Magic range and see how the plants go.
Fella has been doing some experiments with and the plant that is getting JUST the Ozi Magic stuff so far with no Canna gear seems to be responding the best.

Anyway, before this get to TL;DR, I will get to the point of my post.

I wanted to share the information I have about the products as there is very VERY little out there on the web.

So, picture time!


They're pretty self explanatory....


Magic Bud Grow


Monsta Bud


Ozi Tonic




Jars of Grow n Bloom powders




Nutrient info panels,


And the contents... They look pretty much the same to me.

post-10739-0-20584900-1389830352_thumb.jpg  post-10739-0-67479600-1389830341_thumb.jpg


I hope this is of some use to those wanting to learn more about the Ozi Magic range.


I'll post feedback as to how I go with the new regimen....


Happy Gardening!



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Thanks for the post Lenore ;)  I have been looking at this stuff for awhile and am thinking of trying it out out soil/potting mix plants that I am playing around with.  Readily available off the shelf where I live (gdn centres) and about $20 a bottle.  I think its worth a shot.   Let us know as they progress please? 


Peace and good growing. f :sun:

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Fella started an experiment. He's got one Bella on full strength Canna Coco AND Ozi products and OMG! The bud formation at only 2.5 weeks into flower is amazing. It's got the size and I'd swear, density, as the first Bella that's nearly really to harvest! :faint:

Fella's also got a Bella on just the Ozi products (No A and B of any kind) and while she's doing awesomely better than our first Bella too, she's not quite up to par as her sister.

I've had a good look at the Monsta Bud ("For use in Bud Formation of Flowers or Fruits") and the Ozi Tonic ("For use in Flowering / Fruiting stage") and compared the labels and to be honest? I'm considering fucking off the Ozi Tonic and just sticking with the Monsta Bud instead.

It's still to early to say yay or nay on the Ozi A+B powders. Altho the plants do seem to responding well, but I honestly think the Canna A+B is better. We'll finish out a grow with the Ozi A+B first, then I'll make a decision.

And I dunno if it's just coz it's more food in general, but my mums LOVE the Magic Bud Grow (full dose with full dose canna coco).

And while I don't know what exactly is in the Sweetaz, I LOVE IT! I use it on just rooted clones and they go nuts!



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Cheers Lenore :good:  ya got me sold on the monsta bud for sure and might try it next run with my NF A+B.  Excellent thread by the way ;)  It is going to serve as a reference for me and  we could do something similar for whatever nutrients/additives and suchlike like bentato was doing with the root enhancement additives.  :bongon:


Peace. v :sun:

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Hi Lenny-I just went down the garden centre and had a look around.  yep, they have a veg one and flower...$17/L.  Oh, and I just found out they started to stock jumbo perlite as well as the small type!  I will buy the flower nute and augment the NF A+B and see how I go. Cheers.

Peace. v :sun:

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