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b vitamin supplement query....

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I'd been looking around for a b1 supplement for ages, because in a lot of literature that I'd read it said that b1 was a useful supplement to use to reduce transplant and other stresses. Well, after a long time looking, my girlfriend was at a health store nearby her work and she asked about liquid b1. The store assistant pointed out "Mozi Free", a liquid b1 used to repel mosquitos, (how, I'm not quite sure...) and the love of my life, wonderful woman that she is, bought it on the spot. Now, I've used it in the outer reservoir and my cloning spray for the last few weeks, and so far no bad reactions. I just add a drop to the 1 L spray bottle I use for my clones, and about 4 drops in my outer reservoir (50l) just to give Mary a boost.


So, the point of this is, when I look at the ingredients on the bottle, it says "each mL contains 50mg of Thiamine HCl" and on the side it also adds, "Also contains sucrose, (I know what that is, duh, but here's the doozy) methyl hydroxybenzoate and propyl hydroxybenzoate" :D Does anyone know what this means? I haven't seen any detrimental effects from using it, and the clones I've taken with it have had a better survival rate than they did before, but just to be careful, I haven't added it to my outer res this time as it's only a week till harvest and I'm starving her till then.


So, anyone out there have the foggiest about this stuff, or if you don't, can you recommend any other b1 additives that you know don't have anything questionable in it?


Thanks guys, mucho appreciato....


peace :D

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I've seen the ads for superthrive, and I've heard that it does great things, but I've got this b1, I got it for $5 and I figure I might as well use it if I can, rather than fork out more money for a similar product.


Anyone know about the other things in there? Or dosage rates for b1 in various stages of life? Actually, if anyone has some specific info on the effects of b1 on mullies and other similar additives, I would be most appreciative indeed


May the force be with you.





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g'day; what is transplant shock??

i've never experienced transplant shock ever, my outdoor plant was dug up by dog, he replanted it on top of his bone, he removed 80% of roots, plant looked perfect within 2 days.

my indoor plants dont even stall a little after transplant.

i have found it very difficult to 'stress' an mj plant.(easy if using light cycle to stress).

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