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Cool Tubes

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Hay Flipster;

Cool tubes are standard tubes from the hardware shops. They call them cool whites. I did a bit of reading at Overgrow & Cannabis world on the subject of fluro tubes myself a little white ago. From what i read & now from my own experience, 'Daylight Delux' tubes seem to be the better way to go. They have a higher 'PAR' rating which is more critical than lumens, thought the 'par' rating isn't printed on the box. I started out using the cool whites then switched to 'grow lux tubes' then finally to the 'Daylight Delux' after my readup. I found the growth to be much higher with the 'Daylight Delux'. They were available from my local hardware store, Becks Home & Hardware. U know the one, they have the stupid adds with two talking dogs, one brown the other yellow. They are Australia wide. If u go in just ask for some 'Daylight Delux' tubes & they should have them or get them in for u. They come in standard 2ft & 4ft lengths. They were only around $5 ea, cheaper than the so called 'grow tubes' which i found sux. If u buy from a hydro shop you're going to pay 2 or 3 times the normal price.

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No ... Cool Tubes are pyrex cylinders that you slot your HID lamp inside of to contain the heat output ...


An exhaust fan is attached to one end of the cool tube to draw the hot air up n out of the cooltube and grow space.


In the US, pyrex "bake-a-round's" are generally used in making a DIY cool tube (Bake-a-round being like pyrex version of a cylindrical baking tin used for nut loaf etc)


There are some US and European online hydro stores that sell the cool tubes and you can try e-bay for bake-a-rounds if you intend to DIY one.


I've never seen them off the shelf in Australia but I have seen people make there own using industrial perspex ... try glass /plastic material making businesses in your area.


Good luck & if you do find em off the shelf at a hydro shop .. be sure to let us all know eh B)


Tugboat :peace:

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Guest niall
What size tubes do you guys need, I'm thinking of ordering in some 40-50mm diamater pyrex of about 4-7mm thickness. Meerkat might be able to make some up too. I guess you'd be after 60-90mm? Just HPS right? Edited by niall
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