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Outdoor coco grower switching to organic. HELP!

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Hi guys well im doing autos this year. Dutch passions "Think Differrent" 250g Expected in just 9 weeks apparantly but we will see about that.

Now all ive been doing for years and years is straight coco and perlite mix outdoor and mixing my a+b canna nutes and thats it! adding the PK and flower and there you have it.

Whats a good base potting mix to use?

Ive been told searles potting mix is good. I can accuqire some chicken shit, and horse shit and real fish aswell. I plan to make my soil this week ready for summer, Mix it all together in a big tarp and let it sit in big garbage bins ready to shovel into my 50 litre pots when summer comes.

So .

1. Good medium base soil from bunnings .
2. What additives should I use?

How do I feed my plants? If its a good medium containing blood and bone and such I just add adjusted PH water right? Or is worth getting some seasol or something?

All I know is coco! So pleaes keep it simple stupid for me.
Ive always grown big plants in my outdoor but measuring out my nutrients every second day can be a real bloody pain in the ass!!!

Thanks guys!!!

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I'm using Searles 5 in 1, 30lt bag about $11 from Masters Keep in mind it's a soil conditioner not a potting mix ( Its hot don't over do it)

Been using it in pots , equal parts of coco , perlite & the 5 in 1 , i also add some fishers creek rock dust http://www.fcrd.com.au/ & mix well

let that sit for a while in a sealed container of some sort ( wk or two or three ) & then add some mycoapply Maxx http://www.maiaustralia.com.au/store/store.php?crn=208

to the potting holes when planting 


Using the Biocanna line as well for the first time , so have only used the vega so far & am finding full strength is to much with the soil mix

half strength is working fine at the mo , they are indoors standing 500mm high looking very deep green & healthy waiting to move outdoors soon


Please keep in mind this is just what I'm doing & not necessarily what is right or even smart , just me havin a go 


Can def recommend Searles brand , have been using different products of there's for awhile now  , Seed raising mix is fantastic for seed & clones i suspect 


Good luck Mate



Ps if i had more worm castings ( 5 in 1 already has ) it would have been a 4 part soil mix & if you can get some mushroom compost to mulch with 

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Hiiya smokdit and itchy :peace


Must be the season for it cos I'm doing the same thing when I finish the coco girls up.  I love coco it is excellent but I am feeling drawn towards soil.  Gonna try a little experimenting though. We have a really cool little nursery here that sells their soil mix for $7/40L, and an organic pellet form fert/trace elements blah blah sort of thing for $5/500g (might be a kg but :unknw::toke:  I'm going to throw some perlite, 5 in 1 and a handful of the nurserylady gear.  Dunno about ratios yet though.  At the same time I will make another similar mix but with searle's soil mix.  I love playing with the stuff lol

I would eventually like to be able to grow pretty much organically with cheap, basic, homeg(own)ed nutes and additives indoor and out, with a universal vinno-built soil lol  Oh and fjine Australian grown Cannabis to ease the mind, rejuvenate the spirit, and heal the body.  Hehe, sorry for rambling-I gotta keep an eye on this one

Peace to yas. v :sun:

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THanks for the replys does this sound okay?

Searles 5 in 1. = %50
Coco = %20
perlite = 10
Horseshit = 20

Ill be feeding with liquid seasol.... Do i need to regulate the water in the PH when mixing a 60L container or should my soil regulate that?
I can't risk $250 worth of seeds to stuff up. Last thing I Need! but it is a cheaper method!
Ill add the liquid pk /13/14 (one dose)  at week 5.

This sound all okay guys?


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Morning smokditup, This will be the fun mate finding th sweet ratios.  I have a couple hours I can dedicate in to some research on the forums and diaries today and work out how much of this and that lol I want to investigate deeper. There are some really accomplished soil growers and I intend to glean their expertise :thumbsup:  I love this site!  I am looking at Seasol/Powerfeed, the Neutrog stuff rocket fuel and Gogo (I think they do a couple of flower nutes too) and Chron's.  I have a little Searle's liquid potash as well and their lil jar of trace elements.  couple of beg bags of mag sulphate and dolomite, gypsum when I don't want it to swing maybe.  Gonna be a fun summer and when prohibition is ended I will understand so much more and grow big sativa x's in my back yard.  I dream of a couple of 10 footers in full flower in the sun oh YES!  It won't be too long now God willing.  I remember burner has some some very informative writing s on soil and if I recollect, 'taters is a great source of o'door info.  The list goes on there are so many fine o'door growers we really do have resources at our fingertips.  I was thinking of starting with the base potting mix at about 50% then work the perlie, and 5-1 in to it but I have much more reading to do lol  Its okay though, the clones I took are gonna beat my struggling seedlings to a re-pot stage so I have a while yet to study.


Peace smokdit. v :sun:

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Best bet smoke

pop down & buy a roma tomato seedling & plant it in ya mix & see how it go's

But that mix might be a bit hot i think


Is the horse crap composted or fresh , if fresh i think it's to hot to use


Seasol is more of a soil conditioner than a plant food but dose do both


From memory the 5 in 1 is PH'd i think & so is the Cash Crop coco i used

so i didn't worry bout that but i didn't put a jockey full of horse crap in my mix

horse crap i think, never used it, would be quite acidic i would think


Last year i did allot of compost teas using gogo juice & liquid 5 in 1 as the base 

Couple desert spoons of melrose organic molasses , searles liquid fish & kelp

& top dressed with worm castings .

the only thing i didn't do but will this year is mulch heavy with Lucerne ( aka alfalfa ) charff ( chopped up alfalfa hay )

sold at stock feed stores or as hay at Masters


also big mama's = max sunshine less shade

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Thanks for the help guys.

With my ten autoflowers I have decided to keep it coco.. What I know best. Straight coco and perlite in 20 litre pots. 3 weeks of Veg nutes and the 4 weeks of flower nutes and a dash of some pk 13/14. Im hoping some good results. Lets see If I can pull 200G a plant with the dutchpassons think different :) Its really easy to fix problems directly in coco imho because its just a base nutrient and you can fix EC and PH so easily.

the other 3 plants are going to be dutch passion mazar like I did last year. Cracker plant! I will try organic method with them.

Cheers guys.

Keep the ideas coming with the organic methods , Id be keen to know what people specfially use for there bases and feeding. KISS METHOD please!


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Mazar! :thumbsup:  Every time I've ordered from ahem..(non-affiliated s'bank soz-) they have been out of stock or wayy dear for my budget but maybe next winter-I understand the coco-soil deal smokdit.  You got em outside that's the main thing ;) keep us posted?

Hope it goes great yeah, photos lol I got a little imagination going of 17 flowering autos about 902mm tall chock full of glistening goodness :bongon:


Peace and good growing!. v :sun:

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