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Hey all, long time smoker first time grower here

Just sharing my set up - I know it's cheap and simple but it's what I have for now

Looking for any hot tips, advice or criticism :)

  • Tent is 2x1x1, fitted with CFL 130w grow lights, simple clip fan and a 4" carbon filter with aluminium piping in and outs for ventilation  
  • Soil is a mix of coco coir, organic soil and perlite - pH between 6.5 and 7.5
  • Plants White Rhino (3-4 weeks) & (1-2 weeks), AK47 (seedling, and 1-2 weeks)
  • I'm using Growlush Grow A+B for vegetation, Bloom A+B when flowering comes which is when I plan to switch over to blue/red LEDS
  • Hand watering and spraying, set on 18/6 schedule atm
  • I think that's about it, still waiting on my CFL reflector to arrive...

Here are a few photos - 





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Be careful if leaving stagnant water for 24 hours or more at the bottom of the pots can lead to problems down the track. Apart from that that’s looking good mate.


I'm finding this to be the annoying part of self watering. I think I'll drill a hole in that container and let it drip through to another below it...


Thanks baked!

Welcome to OSA Onit.


Looking good subbed in and all the best for the rest mate :)


ty! Will try to post regular updates - patience is the hard part!

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I would just say if you see water empty it out for now. Once they are a bit bigger than transfer them. Is it a self watering pot?


They're just normal pots from Bunnings with standard drainage holes

howdy alwaysonit! welcome along and good luck with ya first grow mate [emoji106]


Cheers friend! 8)

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