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IR lining in grow room

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Hi guys

I am new to indoor growing and will be kicking off when my new 1.2x1.2x2 tent arrives next week. I will be running a 600w hps(i recently bought 3 of em,600w hps lamps with reflectors and heat shield for 60 bucks off the local high school) with 8 inch extraction fan.

My question is, Does anyone know anything about this Infra Red lining in grow rooms?,i am guessing its about chopper detection?, i live in a heavily worked by flying pigs, but i dont think they use IR< they more hang out of the chopper at roof level doing grid work over everyones properties out here.

Sounds more like a marketing gimmick to me....?

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You don't need it.. Polair is above my house more the 300 days a year. I feel like i'm in Vietnam.  They don't give a shit about peoples privacy. I would love to fly a chopper over the police commissioners house 300 days and nights a year and see how he likes it..


They cant see shit, I have the same tent and the same light.. The only way they are going to see you if you have light very close to an external wall. It will heat the wall and show up on IR..  I think you would need more than 600w  to do that anyhow.  The other way they will see you is if you vent heated air from the grow outside. They will see the hot air on IR..  In a tent you got no problems,  as long as you don't vent outside

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