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Medical cannabis

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I was watching four corners on the abc and it was called green rush. It was about medical cannabis in Australia. They had a growing room full of plants and the buds that were shown were absolutely huge. I would like to know the strsin involved. They cut down a few plants and triming them , but from what i saw they still had white pistels and from my humble view still had a while to go. It is a very interesting program, and shows how big business is going to cash in on the gravytrain.
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They need to get off their arses and make it legal. Put the taxes from it into helping the Aged and schools. Lets face it the mining boom is over and farmers need to make a living. It would help with depression in rural communities in so many ways.


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Ohh yea, big business will most certainly be trying to cash in.

It will take big business to do it in many cases as the Fed Govt have made it so regimented and regulated that you'll be needing big pockets ($$$$$) to cover those costs of the regulatory requirements.

The 4 Corners shows are available online via youtube. You may be able to view these again and obtain the specific strain.

There is also a Facebook page. You may be able to find out the specific strain by asking, but I would be very cautious about the questions asked on FB imo



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