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Hi everybody,


I think I've found the right place to ask some questions, first time grower & first time forum poster.  Sweet to have found an Oz Growing community, so thank you :)  Hola amigos, I live in Perth.


I'll give you a little background info.  My friend had 20 plants he went down south and they all pretty much died except for two.  I've been growing plants and veges for a few years and as a bit of an experiment I thought I might be able to resurrect some growth in them.  So the research train began and I'm pretty stoked to say she looks healthy now.  One was a male so I dug him up and threw him out before he had a chance to jizz loads all over the female.  I have no idea what strain it is, only that it is female for sure.


I planted it in a 10 month brewed organic compost I've been creating which finally just became ready.  I also have a worm farm and they make liquid which I put over the soil every 3rd-5th water.  Is there a name for worm poop water? I hear "Worm Castings" a lot but it appears to be black sand/compost stuff when I see it in shops / online etc.


They started off as seeds back in late October or November, I planted it at mine in mid December.  I've FIM'd it twice and it recovered fine.  Here is a picture I took 3 days ago.  The plant is just over 35 cm high and about 25-30 cm in diameter.




I also watered it today, checking the pH of my water it looked a little alkaline, so I went to Bunnings and got a pH down/up.  Then I just read on growweedeasy that synthetic chemical pH changers can seriously damage your plant and that organic compost soil's don't really need to balance the pH at all unless the plant shows signs of damage? Is this true and should I flush my plant now?


A real rookie when it comes to growing bud, I'll keep you guys updated with progress.  Any tips or information about what I should do or expectations of yield for the plant would be nice.  When will the plant start to flower for harvest do you think?


This has sparked a new found enthusiasm and its kinda addictive, I was thinking of getting some real seeds online perhaps a Durban Poison and starting a fresh too. Question: Do you guys think cloning this plant would be a good idea? It must be a pretty strong and versatile plant to recover after being neglected and almost dead for so long.  Or is this kind of stress not wanted?  Any other strains suited to Perth, WA as a recommendation would be appreciated too.   


Happy growing yo

-Tea  :pimp:

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The best thing you could do with that little plant is leave it the hell alone. Water it with nothing but plain tap water. Don't worry about PH, you are not growing in hydroponics. Make sure the soil drys out a little and the pot gets lighter between waterings, a tiny plant like that will mot need much water and no additional nutrients. You will do more harm than good by applying nutrients to small plants like that. Give It has at least 4 hours of direct sun per day. Sorry to say It looks stunted. Plants grown properly from seed sewn in late Oct/ early Nov should be large - 3-6 feet or more easily by now. Good luck bro, don't give up.

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Ok cool, thanks for the tips. I'll let nature do its thing! ;) yeah I'd agree with being stunted, was in a beer cup with no water for its first month, poor lil girl. It gets ~11 hrs sunlight (not shade) per day as it wakes up to morning sun & then I gently put it on the other side of the garden after work for late afternoon sun. Cheers Rosey
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I've taken some new pictures showing her fine lady bits and new growth, about 4cm in 3 days or so. :D Don't know if that's good but I froth on it. Still looks very small compared to other outdoor plants on here, maybe my pot is restricting her growth. The soil is still very moist so I will wait like 5 days for it to become lighter, I drilled some more holes in the bottom of the pot to assist with drainage.  


It's starting to get a lot of more white hairs on it, there are these weird banana shaped things protruding from the stem.  I read they were male parts trying to pollinate herself?  Is this true and should I cut them off? Included are pics of the banana / dick structure.  Most visible on Image # 3 half way up.  Have a gander, the little damaged leaves are from a FIM I did ages ago and the leaves decided to hang around.


When the plant starts to flower I want to juice her up with some nutes, I have available two liquid fertilisers Earth Care Powerfeed concentrate, and Yates Uplift.  Which one is most suited to flowering cannabis buds? There are literally hundreds of fertilisers out there and if I already have something good why not use that.  Two I was looking at if mine are no good would be Canna Bio Flores, Guano Super Bloom.  










Life's a garden, dig it.





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Pant looks stable and healthy, mate. Just didn't understand what is in right lower corner on the second picture between leaf and stem? New growth?


Optimum pH level for marijuana growing is between 5.8 and 6.5 in soil. See the picture attached. The quality of growing medium matters a lot. As for nutrients and pH as for porosity and water drainage. Have noticed a big difference if plant was in pure planting soil mix, soil with 25-30% perlit added or in pure coco.





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Cheers lads.  Yeah Reggie i'll feed her when the pot feels light, think I over did it last time.


Yeah I guess new growth, the distance between nodes is very short and they're coming out in all directions.


This morning I found 3 tiny little shoots with circular leaves popping up from the soil, I thought they were weeds and removed them.  Just then I googled young MJ shoots and they kinda look the same but no scissor / fanblade look.  Now another one has popped up from the soil a couple hours later, this is just a weed yeah?  Can MJ sprout shoots on her own or does it always need to be from a seed?




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Forgot to add that I checked the pH of the soil and it showed like 5.4.  The same checker showed my water at like 5.5 as well which is not humanly possible, so I guessed it was just an error from the shitty cheap Bunnings apparatus.  The soil is organic compost and I read here that you do not need to manage the pH of natural composted soil only the water http://www.growweedeasy.com/organic-super-soil#what-about-ph-organic-marijuana

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Hi teahaircut,


your plants seems to have grown significantly since your first post so you must be doing something right now [or it might have just been the pre-flowering stretch!]


in reference to your earlier post about the banana shaped things - no they are not male flowers, you do not have a hermie - they are called stipules and appear on both female and male plants.  No need to cut them off.


Good luck, I hope she comes good for you.

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