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Nutrients for flowering

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Evening fellow growers, i hopefully got two girls on the grow, both sitting nicely at 22" they didnt get much sun for the first few months, but now they do and im quite happy as its my first grow that has been successful so far... i feed them red power feed, seasol and gogo juice, full strength feeds but have recently notice female pre flowers on one so im asking for advice on whats the best way to feed them, should i continue feeding them what i have been but add potash to up the potassium. Thanks in advance.

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I do a 4 day cycle.

I use Advanced Nutrients 3 part. Grow Micro Bloom, on one day.

(It pH's my tap water perfect.)


And half strength gogojuice, half strength (regular) seasol & blackstrap molasses the next day,

Then a plain water day,

Last day none.

Repeat cycle.



I'm noob as, not suggesting anything,

Just saying what I'm doing atm.


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This is a great question.


I am in the exact same position but I opted for :




This has a 2-month release. It has been a week and a half now and the plants seem to be lapping it up.


All I do now is water with seasol and gogo juice

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