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Nutrients for flowering

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Hey guys, update on my girl. She's about a metre and half high, thanks to a topping I did back in start, I got two awesome main colas, she's coming by real good. Not far until she goes into the next stage of flowering, keen to see actual buds [emoji3] had a problem in nut burn (hopefully dealt with) and a pest invasion (killed those fuckers), other than that it's been a great experience.



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I was thinking the same question as you! First time grower and I’ve got two girls flowering. I’m currently just using grow rite part a and b once to twice a week with the occasional cal-mag solution if I notice the leaves yellowing a little between the veins.

I thought I might be overloading them but it seems like a few in this group tend to feed them every other day with fertilizer. Is this too intense for them?





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"Pumping" is a technique of giving tiny amounts of fertilizer and a light water on a daily. Really got to be careful to not over water and watch for nute burn. I don't like it myself. Some people do it though.


Hydroponic systems such as flood and drain kind of work in a similar way but need more nutes because your grow media is usually inert i.e. no nutes in it.


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