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Losing too many leaves?

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Hi all...

Just wondering if I should up my nitrogen a little. I've been flowering for maybe a month and it looks to me like I'm losing a lot of leaves very quickly. I'm concerned that all my shade leaves etc that are feeding the girls will be gone before flowering is over. What do you think? I'm using Rock brand Resinator and Fusion. The combined NPK ratios are 4:9:17 It's the same stuff as I used last year on skunk. This time I'm using it on Northern Light.







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The nutes your useing should have plenty of N for flowering. I just think is a strain specific trait. Ive got 5 in flower now and 2 have yellow leaves every where while the other 3 strains barely have a yellow leaf on them and they are further into flower. If your worried about it mix up some veg nutes at half strength and give em a feed.


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IMO it's a natural process the plant goes through

As she grows she stores nutes in the leaves once she goes into flower she starts drawing on those reserves

Then once she has used those reserves the leaves yellow up, shrivel up and die.

Trying to stop this process is a waste of time IMO, you're trying to go against the plants natural processes.

As Porky  says if you're worried you could try some 1/2 strength grow nutes but in all honesty if she's coming to the end of her days you could add full strength and it still not benefit.

And remember she's using her natural stores, if you add more nutes you are going to need to flush for longer to get her cleaned up sufficiently before harvest.

Well, thats my opinion anyways.



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Don't panic, It is a part of the natural processes as stated above. You will find the yellowing leaves are only being shut down because they are superfluous to needs. The plant will be drawing all useful sugars and energy from those yellowing leaves and sending the recovered resources to the flowering parts of the plant that need the resources.


Much the same as a deciduous tree does in autumn. In your case the plant redirects the resources now, the tree stores the resources for spring.

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