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When should outdoor start flowering?

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Its to be expected flipper. A few people will recommend just to follow a few people you like of their results. Ultimately though do what you feel may be right if it’s not well hey you can only learn. You will make mistakes and we all still do. It’s what you learn from them will make you a better grower

Ueah. It juzt does my head in sometimesm i think i might trying some clones and jus to wjat i think ive learnt through veg state and try the KIS method


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My two cuttings from the big girls seem to have already started...


I’m in North Western Sydney, so a fair way from the coast but I could swear mine are going into flower


Or maybe it’s just pre-flower?


I think the mothers are definitely showing sex after the re-veg









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Anyone in Sydney started to see flowering outdoors yet? I’ve got two scrog’d in my greenhouse and wondering how much longer to keep tucking? Seem to be stretching the past week or so. Getting rather large! Good problem to have I suppose



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Its hard to get an indication of how large it is, any rough measurements? What should i be looking for if its nearly flowering, although i dont think mine are big.post-63562-15473654541_thumb.jpeg


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i would be willing to wager that your root system will be similar.


needs to be potted up.


grab a pic when you do it :)

Here's the pics of the roots you asked for. The soil was pretty dry as I wanted to repot and we also have had 35 degree days here for nearly a week. Anyhoo, I went from 30L to 52L pots today. Gave them a good drink and Seasol spray. They bounced back within a couple of hours. Appreciate your help btw :-)




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All good mate, not as many roots as I expected, I reckon you need to up the watering/feeding significantly compared to what you have been doing previously.


Water slowly also. I water from a gravity fed tank so the pressure is bugger all. Let’s you move the hose around the pot while you water. It gets frustrating, as it’s slow, but I believe it actually gets water through all the medium rather than pouring a heap in quickly and watching a lot run out. I intend to cover the plants when we get rain (if that ever happens) so that the plants don’t get a heap of water running through the pots..


I try to water with minimal run off. I also find that once run off is becoming clear the plant has used all the medium has to offer and you will want to be giving it nutrients... could be wrong on this, but just an observation from my current grow. When my mix was new the run off was a nice tea colour.


Hope she takes off for ya now mate :)

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