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French Toast

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:rolleyes:.... it looks like im a bit of a chef. Well, that coz i am taking catering classes :D

I came up with this idea about 3 days ago when i was perparing a dish for one of my clases. KK, here we go.


You will need:


Eggs (How many depends on how many slices of bread you have, I go with one medium size egg for every 2 slices of bread. Lets use 2 slices)

Greated Cheese

Oven Grill

Butter(Could also use Cannabutter)

Garden Herbs (Could also use MJ)


Start of by beating the eggs. Add your fresh garden herbs-finely chopped(or MJ) to the egg. Butter very lightly one side of the bread, filip over and spread the top side with the egg and herb mixture. Sprinkle desired amount of greated cheese on top, then glaze with more of the agg mixture. Sit under a high heat oven grill until golden brown, then flip and leave for about 10 seconds under the grill. (so both sides get toasted)


mmmmmm.... these are great, tried them last night. Absolutely delish :D ;) :D

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yes, french toast is excellent when stoned.


you can also take this recipe and whack it in the frypan, cover both sides of bread with egg mix, chuck in frypan.....flip! and you get excellently cooked french toast. much better in my opinion, also you hsould eat french fried toast with a bit of salt and barbecue sauce, goes great.

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mmm... eggy bread, nice stuff but it needs some meat with it



when you've cooked one side and flipped it over, you can break up small pieces of ham/devon/beef jerky/smoked beef etc and a few chives on the cooked side.


i have also seen a mate whack 2 pieces of cold chicken and fish in between two french fried toasts, so you could give that a whirl.

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