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Gaytimegrower exposed !

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Well guys,


After a lot of pressure from, wade ounce, pipeman, Luke SkyWalker, Taz Stoner, TUGBOAT, Budsta and many others I am going to lay it all on the green line and walk the "Green Mile" and just hope that I can make this grow as good and so well put together as Nimmer did with the help of Luke Skywalker & co several months ago.


If I can come anywhere close to that, which I doubt very much, I will be a happy chappy and my mentors, many as they are will be happy with me too.


I must say a big thanks to all of you guys who have spurred me into doing this and I sincerely hope i dont screw up.


Special thanks go to Pipeman who is putting his time and patience into helping me. I hope others will assist as well.


Another big thanks to TUGBOAT who happened to be online when I discovered a litter of "pups" in my germination setup.


Well, after all that being said and done, i suppose I had better start from the beginning. Probably the best place to start anyway. Then again, it would be easier to start from the end. By doing it that way, you would be able to see the end product without having to put up with all of the ups and downs that i am sure we are going to have during this "grow"


Oh well, I will get things sorted out into some order and be back with you tomorrow to show you what I am going to use and how I hope it will all work.


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Lets have a look in the shed. Kit form $251

There are 10 x 10" pots filled with expanded clay and are on a recirculating system.

The main feed line has a small screw in fitting which shoot a stream of water into the centre of the pots. On test runs, the clay seems to get uniformly wet. I have the pump set for 15 minutes on and 2 hours off. I hope that is okay. Advice please?

I will be running 40 litres of nutes at a pH of 5.5 ?

Dont know what strength to make it yet?

Using a Kambrook timer from Bunnings (about $13). Can be set in increments of 15 mins. and is capable of 10 amps.

Normal twin outlet fish tank aerator with 2 stones and a fish tank heater.

The light is a 600 watt HPS with a Luca Grow globe. $280

Ventillation is provided by a 200mm bathroom fan ($19), bringing fresh air in thru aircond. ducting. Air is expelled thru a 250mm ($17) bathroom fan and a small ball bearing type fan ($35) sucks the hot air away from the bulb via aircond. ducting.

The walls are covered with panda film. A lot easier then trying to paint it cos of the oily film they put on the steel when moulding the steel.

The whole shed is light tight. A good wind blows via a large pedestal fan, Bunnings $16.95.


Well, I think that is complete so lets have a look at a couple of pics eh ?



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