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help purchasing co2 controller and regulator

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roger that indycar.... you got me thinking ... yet to see a commercial grow that is running co2. got a pretty decent phresh fan that when turned up to 100% power pumps the air thru into a massive carbon filter so not much airflow restriction on that one... could have just as easily asked “is co2 worth the expense....?”


I guess it is to some, mate. Because it is a topic that comes to the fore every so often over the years. There's been many yanks spruik about, but that's about where it ends from what I've seen


Maybe it's just the rock I live under, but I can't say I've seen anyone benefit from various methods of using co2 in their setups to date. Get your grows dialled in, and you should get a inch or two growth a day when they're humming along in a rdwc setup from my experience.

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Nah, not necessarily mate. But I feel like co2 would be worth it for me, 20% increase is 0retty big, if yo did 5 runs a rear, and they are 2 lb runs for example thats 10 pounds a year without co2 or 12 pounds a year with co2, so 2 lb increase in yield in 12 months, roughly worth 6k where i am? Would cost me 2k to setup the co2 then maybe couple hundred a run max with propane so say 3k outlay for an additional 3k worth of weed seems a pretty reasonable roi.

ok... but my question now would who is giving those figures of 20% increase in yield... if that’s the case then i’d be willing to throw a pile of money at it

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That's the million dollar question man, im trying to nut out some ideas atm. One idea that I'm leaning towards is to add co2 to the room, have intake fans on the tent to bring in the co2 enriched air, then exhaust once every 3 hours. Might be a non summer co2 setup, i dont think ill be able to manage it over summer without running the aircon 24/7 which would counteract any savings.


Cool, hope you figure something out, mate. Because I'd like to see the results as well. The trick might be like what you mentioned above. :)

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I follow some legal growers in the US, it may be genetics, but other than co2 in running similar variables, with much smaller buds lol. Penis envy I guess.

Once I've got some spare coin I'll do some experimenting.

Cool, hope you figure something out, mate. Because I'd like to see the results as well. The trick might be like what you mentioned above. :)

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ah well... thanks for the input guys.... got me at odds with what i thought was a good gig but better to err on the side of caution than to hand over my hard earned coin with a few doubts.


anyway i've heard it mentioned a few times around the traps that plants handle warmer conditions with added co2 and of course the bigger yield theory but rarely heard ppl say it was unnecessary....obviously I need to do some deeper research so i can make a more educated decision... and maybe find a few ppl who have experience running the shit.  I'll just keep working on the rest of the gear i know i do need/want and the co2 can be added in at any stage if i do decide to go that way... got a Teco HY150 chiller and bluelab ph controller coming tomorrow so a few new toys to play with while i research the shit out of co2. 


papa if ya feel like throwing a bit more of your acquired co2 knowledge my way would be appreciated to get all opinions from ppl on the same mission...


here's my current grow as of yesterday, day 36 of flower... i think i'm doing ok for first time hydro, with water temp fluctuations up to 26 deg (after tomorrow no more with the Teco) and 33 deg + day time temp (lights out) in the tent :sweat: . aircon anyone?  ^_-


white widow FAST



power africa FAST (mainly... white widow back left hand corner...)



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