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Good Co2 retailers

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Hi all,

       I have been reading a lot about Co2 enrichment and the benefits it can bring. There are a lot of so called "cheaper" versions to make Co2 like brewing beer, Dry Ice ect. However due to the fact you cant really deliver the Co2 to where you want it. They are cheaper but some what useless. So the only other way is Co2 tanks, which the set cost is a bit expensive however more reliable. The drama I am finding is locating a Co2 retailer  that has easy fill or swap and go system for food grade Co2. I want food grade and some of the other Co2 like refrigeration and beer grade Co2 contain Nitrogen. Most food grade suppliers I have found, have a yearly rental of the bottle up to 250$ and they only deliver the bottle. The delivery system is really unpractical as if you run out you have to wait a few days for a new bottle, so you really need to have two bottle. Which is 500$ a year. I have found a way around that, buy 2nd second hand bottle and get them tested, which workout to be under 200$ a bottle for a 6kg. 400$ for two tested bottle is really cheap. So next part is the regulator, easy, a lot welding shops sell them cheap under 150$ so that sorted with tubing and outlets. So I ask where do I  fill them? As i said before most company's  like elgas and BOC will not fill bottle that are not theirs even if they're safety tested.  As I guess they want the $$$ from the rental. I have found a few people that do refill bottle and test them however there not food grade.


So I ask does any one know of any food grade suppliers that will fill or swap bottles? A 6kg bottle will last be 3-4 week depending on leaking in my room.


If I cant find one, I will have to weight it all up. like renting bottle with food grade Co2 or downgrading to less pure Co2.


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IMO Co2 not really needed but each to there own.


When i was into home brewing i had a tap setup, you can hire the co2 bottles through BOC gassers or you can buy a Co2 bottle outrite as i did.


The bottle i had from memeroy was a 6.2kg bottle and payed about 300 for it, and every time i wanted it refilled i took it back to the home brew shop and he would refill it for me.


You will have to shop around for a home brew shop that will refill the bottles as not all of them do.


Another place to look for a bottle is ebay, you will find em on there...

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I have found a few shops that will fill them, but it not food grade Co2. Food grade Co2 doesn't have Nitrogen in it. Just seeing if any one knows of a food grade Co2. I know elgas does but there a supplier cant walk in with a bottle.


I have grown with out Co2 for years, but want to do some testing with two 1.2 x 1.2 tents. One with Co2 one with out. 

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