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Co2 from yeast and sugar: how much you get and equations.

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I have searched the growing forums about this and it seems no one knows really how it works.

I found some info about how much co2 is produced by yeast, and found some awesome yeasts at the homebrew shop.


Basically you get about 1/2  co2 for every 1 of sugar fermented under ideal conditions. This means that with startup, and finishing not being ideal, you get about 1/3 co2 per 1 of sugar. For example, 3 kilos of sugar makes about 1 kilo of co2.


Wow, huh? i bet you didnt think it was that much, and if you want huge amounts you can get "turbo yeast" which will convert 6 kilos of sugar in 24 hours.

Thats 2 kilos of co2 in 24 hours!  And the drum will be about 20% alcohol. Got a still?


Now i know if you shop around you can get a good price on co2 refills, but most of us will be paying about $4 a kilo. I can get a kilo from sugar for less than $3, thats 3 kilos of sugar, and a bit of yeast to make one kilo of co2.

And theres no huge cost to start, like a bottle and regulator, you can just use a 20L bucket with a lid, and get a 50 cent airlock from the brew shop. Dont bother with a soft drink bottle and baking yeast fermenting a couple of tablespoons of sugar, its a joke.


Using turbo yeast is good value. You can control the speed of fermentation by adding different amounts of yeast. So you could put say.. 3 kilos of sugar, but only a little yeast, means it will last for 4 or 5 days, a nice supplement for a room that doesnt get ideal ventilation. Designed to make a wash for distilling spirits, it can handle high alcohol, ensuring all the sugar is converted.


So if you have a spare $20 this weekend, you could make those ladies fat enough to fall over.


What i found that is actual scientific fact and not just what some guy thinks:  


C6H12O6 = 2 C2H5OH + 2 CO2 
So 1 mole of sugar yields 2 moles of ethanol and 2 moles of CO2. The MW of sugar is 180 (6 x 12 + 12 x 1 + 6 x 16) and the MW of CO2 is 44 (1 x 12 + 2 x 16). Therefore, 180 grams of sugar yields 2 x 44 or 88 gms of CO2.


Thanks to Google. ;)

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I totally disagree.


Never get enough? Your just repeating what someone else said.

You must read more.

And yes ive read all that information before and i disagree with the fact that you cant make enough co2 from fermentation. Like i said, use a bucket not a coke bottle.

You cant do A because of B, well if i can eliminate B then i can do A.

That article lists the cons of fermentation but no pros, i guess they didnt really think it through. For example, they say you cant regulate the amount, but i know how much im making, with a little experience its easy. And automation? Who is stupid enough to leave a room alone for more than a day or two?


And not all of us have ideal conditions, for example you might not be able to ventilate as much as you should because of security reasons, a bit of co2 supplement ensures they get enough for normal growing.

This is really why i would use this technique.

We all have a different situation, we cant all do it by the book perfectly.


And some of us like to have things we dont need, but rather than spend hundreds on a co2 system, spend $20 and you will see if it works.


I would like to hear how many kilos of co2 people go through with a fully professional system. Run properly. Anyone?

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you only need 350-400PPM in a grow room for normal growth speeds so its not much at all basically co2 is for people who want a quicker and heavier harvest but last i read adding co2 to your grow room was an added charge if busted?


i would like to see this guys grow up and running, controlling the amount of Co2 produced is pretty easy but the innitial outlay is a bit for a Co2 fan controller, once the PPM reaches the desired PPM levels u can have a fan kick on to suck any excess out the fan will kick off when the PPM is lowered and it'll repeat the cycle


but than that would defeat the main porpous of running Co2 in a closed off room ie: having the exhaust fans


i guess if u dialed in your mixes and know how much Co2 it puts out over so many minutes or hours u could possibly make it work on the cheap thats if it works at all lol


u can buy little plug in Co2 monitors on ebay either ones that show PPM levels or ones that have pre settings and light up a LED light for certain PPM levels




the americans have another type it plugs into a powerpoint and it monitors Co2 levels when it reaches high it sets off an alarm probably not ideal for us growers but its much cheaper like $50 from memory and it reads in incriments like 0-300/350-700/750-1300 etc.. and a LED lights up to indicate the levels

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Yeah that meter is useful. 

But guys are you missing the point of what im saying?

Co2 is produced by fermentation, its cheaper than buying it in a bottle.

To make enough is easy, its just a matter of scale.



But what i would like to know, how many kilos of co2 do you use in a week?


And Google taught me everything, important things, like the Michael Jackson, moon landing, 911, time travel alien conspiracy. The evidence is clear... how do you think he came up with the moonwalk?    :bounce:   lol

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