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Parliamentary Petition to Legalise Recreational Cannabis

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Hi all.


I saw last night that there is a petition to federal parliament currently running to legalise recreational cannabis. If I remember right, the plebiscite for same sex marriage started as a Parliamentary petition. It currently has about 9000 signatures and is open until 6th June. If you have dreams to see cannabis legal, sign the petition, share the link, spread it on facebook, call it out from the top of mountains, whatever it takes lol




And below is a copy paste of the petition:


Petition Number 


Petition Address 

To the Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives and Members of the House of Representatives

Petition Of 

Certain citizens of Australia

Petition Reason 

An average 72% of respondents polled in April 2018 agreed with the Australian Green's proposal to legalise Cannabis for adult use and the right to home cultivation. Over one third of Australians admit to using Cannabis but indications are that many more use it covertly on a regular basis and would only admit the same in a secret ballot. Laws prohibiting personal use, possession and cultivation of Cannabis have been ineffective, and have effectively ruined the lives of many otherwise law-abiding citizens. They have driven users to the black market and allowed criminals to flourish, putting public safety at great risk. This is counter to current harm reduction policy. Societal harms and deaths from alcohol and illicit/prescription drug abuse have noticeably reduced in jurisdictions where Cannabis has been legalised. It is not unreasonable to expect similar in Australia. We acknowledge Australia is bound by outdated international treaty obligations, but note many nations have moved forward, basing decisions on current scientific evidence that disputes 'reefer madness' propaganda on which prohibition of Cannabis was based, last century. Economically, taxpayer funds currently expended on police/judicial resources to enforce Cannabis laws could be better utilised elsewhere, while taxation from sales of legal Cannabis has the potential to raise millions of dollars. Essentially the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Petition Request 

We therefore request a plebiscite be held at the next Federal Election asking: “Should the herb Cannabis sativa L., be legalised for adult use Australia-wide?
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Don't believe a word of it, they are all lying stnuc, who do you think finance's these flogs, where do you think they get there ideas from


not sure why anyone is worried about it, it will be legal soon enough


fuck the greens model tho, lets the government control the distribution and chose who the producers will be, the little bloke will get screwed as usual 

it will be a closed market, and TAXED to the max 

FUCK the government and especially FUCK the watermelons(greens) they're red on the inside  



Man/woman up Australia, or you will be paying $27 a gram lol lol lol 

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Wouldn't matter if it was a greens policy, liberal, labor, tax will be involved, inevitable. Tax is involved in the legal states in the US and will be in the Canadian model coming in on July 1st. Greens model allows personal growing up to 6 plants, thats great and in line with the sort of plant numbers they are allowing in other places that are legalising around the world. This petition mentions the greens policy but its not a "Greens petition" as such. Its asking that parliament put the issue up for a plebiscite at the next election. Don't count on them legalising it in Australia without a fight. For whatever reason, there is a political resistance in Australia to cannabis that seems stronger than in North America these days. I'm from SA and the new liberal state government is planning on soon implementing a crackdown on illicit drug use in SA citing the "ice epidemic" that will include increasing penalties on cannabis possession. SA was the most progressive state in Australia with cannabis, decriminalising cultivation up to 10 plants in 1987 and came within 2 votes of legalising, taxing and regulating cannabis in 1997 with a bill introduced by the SA Democrats, yet today, 2018, legalisation all around the world, and south Australia is looking at going backwards and towards a "War on Drugs" law and order crackdown?? What the Fuck?


We will have to fight for legalisation in this country, it aint going to happen if we sit on our arse and do nothing. Sign the petition, get it debated in the media, get apathetic aussie stoner friends motivated for a fight otherwise we will all remain criminals for decades to come. 

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