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How to: Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil, Step by Step

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Slow Cooker, Double-boiler, or Saucepan




What you'll need:


Slow Cooker, double-boiler, or saucepan
4 cups of water





Why water? Including water, especially when infusing marijuana oil on the stovetop, insures the cannabis will never reach a higher temperature than the boiling point or 212 degrees F.  More importantly, the chlorophyll and terpenes – the parts of the plant that give it its flavor and color — are water soluble and most will likewise bind to water during the cooking process instead of infusing themselves into the fats along with the THC.  This will mean less herbal flavor and green color in the finished marijuana oil. Without water in the mix, the plant material tends absorbs too much of the oil.  This means usable product is going into the trash, a problem that’s reduced when adding water.  The increased liquid volume also gives cooks the option to add more plant material in order to make more concentrated infusions if they wish.


Most of these methods your place will reek of cannabis. If you’re worried about nosy neighbors wondering what you are up to, cook other strong smelling foods such as roasting garlic at the same time in order to help camouflage the smell.  Better still, use a slow cooker the smell will not be as strong. You want one that has a rubber gasket on the lid and a clamp you can use to keep the slow cooker tightly closed. You will hardly smell the odor of simmering cannabis when infusing butter or oil.  At least not until you open the lid.




1. Grind the cannabis. It can be leaf of flower or a bit of both. It's your choice. Just keep in mind that anything small enough to fit through the strainer/cheeseclothe will end up in your finished product, so again, do not grind your cannabis to a fine powder.

Decarboxylation (activation of THC) without scorching (which destroys the active ingredients). Preheat oven to 240, put the cannabis in the oven for 15 minutes.


Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature, it'll be heated while waiting for the cannabis is get out of the oven.


2. Combine oil and cannabis in your double-boiler or slow cooker, and stir until your cannabis is completely soaked, and not clinging to the walls above the oil. Heat the two together on low or warm.


I add water first




Cooking can be done a variety of ways: 


Slow cooker on low for 4-6 hours, stirring occasionally; 


Double-boiler on low for at least 6 hours (8 is better), stirring occasionally; 


In all cases, a small amount of water or ice cube can be added to the mixture to help avoid burning. Note: whatever method you choose, temperature of the oil should not exceed 245°F.





I set to go off when it close to max temps. If it does go off, I add a few ice cubes and stir


3. Strain and store the oil.





Do not squeeze the cheesecloth; this will simply add more chlorophyll to your oil. Place a cheesecloth lined strainer over a large pot or bowl and strain the liquid through this. Before discarding plant material, pour a large kettle full of boiling water over the full strainer in order to wash through any extra oil clinging to the plant material.





If you are using a solid at room temperature fat like coconut oil, butter, or shortening, chill water and oil. I put mine in frig over night.  The infused oil will harden into a solid when chilled making it easy for you to simply lift the piece off of the water below and discard the water.



In most instances, oil will rise to the top of the water but won’t solidify.    You can use a spoon to skim the oil off the water.  Even better is a kitchen gadget called a gravy separator (looks like a small pitcher with the spout originating on the bottom-see pic below). This unique design allows the water to be poured out while retaining every drop of the oil floating at the top. Strain one more time to remove as much sediment as possible.  Place a double layer of cheesecloth over a strainer and pour the oil mixture through. If the infused oil I'm making is going to be for cooking, I strain it again with a coffee filter.








Bottle your oil in airtight containers. The oil’s shelf life is at least two months, and can be extended with refrigeration. Fats can still go rancid in the freezer, so try to use within 3 months. Be cautious when using the oil to prepare dishes that require heating. Do not microwave and choose low heat whenever possible.


Cannabis Dosing Considerations:



Before you can determine exactly how much cannabis to use in cooking, there are some important key points that need to be understood:


* All cannabis is not created equal! The same amounts of different strains of cannabis will NOT be equal in potency.  Identical strains from different growers or even different crops of the same strain, from the same grower, will vary.  Just because you have cooked with a given strain in the past does not mean that you will know the strength of the food made from the same strain from a different source. Aside from potency, every cannabis strain is different, each containing varying degrees of specific cannabinoids.  This is why some strains make you sleepy while others make you energetic.  If you are cooking with a new strain, test its potency and effects both before cooking and before eating a normal portion in order to estimate its strength.


* The weight of the person eating the food will alter how much they feel the medication.  Naturally, larger people usually need larger doses and small people smaller doses. different individuals have different metabolisms and tolerance levels and likewise react to cannabis in different ways.


* The frequency the person uses cannabis will affect how much they will need to physically feel the effects.  The more you use the greater your tolerance will tend to be.  However, frequent and heavy cannabis consumers who stop for even a day or two will likely experience a heightened effect the first time they use marijuana again after abstaining.


* Consuming cannabis edibles on an empty stomach will cause you to feel their effect more quickly and profoundly than if you had consumed them after eating other foods or in conjunction with other foods.


* Alcohol can compound the effects of cannabis


below is a very general guideline that needs to be weighed against the factors covered above when determining the amount of cannabis to use in your recipes.  The amounts are suggested for a person of about 150 pounds.  Try to determine an amount that seems reasonable for your needs, taking into account the strength of the plant material used. When you’ve finished cooking, eat a small amount and wait in order to test the strength of a given batch of edibles.

Cannabis Material         Recommended Dosage Range Per Individual Dose
Marijuana Leaf/Trim       1/4 to 1 1/2 grams
Average Bud               1/8  to 3/4 gram
High Quality Bud          1/16 to 1/2 gram
Kief or Hash              1/16 to 1/2 gram



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Usually when I'm making my infused olive oil, I'm also making my salve. In the example below I used Lavender, but do use peppermint, tea tree, euculaptus too.



Cannabis Salve




28 grams of ground, dried cannabis (about 1 oz)

1 1/2 cup of coconut oil

1/3 cup Olive oil (optional)

1/3 cup beeswax

A few drop of essential oil (I like lavender for the calming effect, but you can choose)


What you need:




1 baking sheet

1 saucepan or double boiler

1 jar (for straining)


some jars for finished product




1. Preheat oven to 240F


2. Grind up the cannabis and spread it out on a baking sheet.


3. Bake for 15 minutes. This will decarboxylate the cannabis.






4. While the cannabis is baking put the coconut oil in saucepan. (If your having a problem getting it into cups to measure, put the coconut oil in a sun for a bit. This softens it up)



Below is what coconut oil looks like when first in






Ready for cannabis(below) to be added






5. Add cannabis to coconut oil over low heat for 20-25 minutes. Stir continuously.


Keep the heat very low, especially if a saucepan and not a double boiler. If the heat get too high, it'll scorch the cannabis and burn off the THC, decreasing the potency. This is especially pertinent if you're using olive oil since it has a low smoke point.


6. After 20-25 minutes, remove from heat and pour the mixture through cheesecloth. (Note: set this up before you start)








7. In the same saucepan or double boiler, add beeswax and heat until melted







(above) beeswax melted. Add the infused coconut oil.


8. Add what ever type of essential oil, a few drops. Some ideas: peppermint, tea tree oil


9. Once the beeswax and coconut oil are thoroughly mix, remove from heat and transfer into containers











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Has anyone ever made cannabis caps with fresh decarded cannabis in them?

I saw it on Pinrest and seems like a great idea to have no waste.



Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk

yep i've made caps , found coconut oil pretty good as it go's hard at room temp making it easier to transport the caps

but don't put the caps in ya pocket , they'll heat up & melt , poss leaving a bit of a mess in ya pocket 


imo there's no need to consume plant matter

as far as i know there is very little health benefit from it

unless it is fresh & juiced & even then you don't consume

the plant matter only the juice that is extracted from it 


can you do it , of cause , everyone's first edible was a Betty Crocker choc cake full of crunchy twigs & green plant matter , yum ! :sick

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yep i've made caps , found coconut oil pretty good as it go's hard at room temp making it easier to transport the caps

but don't put the caps in ya pocket , they'll heat up & melt , poss leaving a bit of a mess in ya pocket


imo there's no need to consume plant matter

as far as i know there is very little health benefit from it

unless it is fresh & juiced & even then you don't consume

the plant matter only the juice that is extracted from it


can you do it , of cause , everyone's first edible was a Betty Crocker choc cake full of crunchy twigs & green plant matter , yum ! :sick

Hmm you've given me an idea. Mix a bit of coconut oil with fresh decarded cannabis, then fill little caps. I got size 0 but hubby hates big tablets so ordered size 1 this time. He's going away a lot for work and needs something discrete his boss won't notice or clients on cruises.

Will let you know how he goes in about a week.


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i've used size 00 , cap holds about 1mil 


if you decarb & extract first , like with alcohol 

the resulting oil left after evaporating off the alocohol 

will just melt & blend into warm coconut oil very easy 


filling them is tricky , you can get one of these https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=Capsule+Machine+Filler&_sacat=0 & a pipette or syringe

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Wow, I've been looking for this video guide for a long time. I've wanted to try cooking cannabis-infused coconut oil myself for a long time. And I liked your video because you explain everything clearly, without unnecessary information. I've watched other analog videos, and it's terrible, other people are talking some nonsense, and I've never been able to make cannabis-infused coconut oil. I will soon purchase cannabis from Green spot dispensary near Macleod Trail. I will try to make cannabis-infused coconut oil according to your video guide. Thank you for the video stanchions for sale in canada!

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