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2nd grow ever 4x white rhino rdwc

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.4x white Rhinos clones in hydroton


.Diy Rdwc 4× 27 litre pots 1×27l control pot 1× 120l resi

.Halia water chiller

.100w aquarium heater

.8' hyperfan +temp controller

.16' sea hawk oscillating fan (wall mount)

.Wall panel heater


.Inkbird temp controller

.Inkbird humidity controller

.Passive intake for now but i have a 6' hyperfan to install for summer.




Great white

Hydro shop grow A+B

Hydro shop flower A+B



.Pest control

Neem oil

Mite rid



Hi all just starting my second grow

After my first run where everything that could go wrong did. i thought id start a diary so all you experienced folk can help me along. After alot of trial and error and even more reading this is what i have built. I will post weekly updates any and all advice is welcome

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Budboy any pics of this setup man? i thought all water chillers came with built in chilling and heating? I have a Resun 280 chiller that has both cooling and heating, check your chiller because your added water heater may be fighting the chiller as a result using a shit load of electricity and causing a lot of water temp fluctuation

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