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1 Plant, 1 Pound, Whos doing it, Whos Done It, Whos Trying It?

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Ive done it.

more indeed.


trick is to vegetate to the desired size first.

say ok this is how big i want the plant to be when its finished flowering, all buds.

then flip to 12/12.

once you have flipped to 12/12 it will grow more obviously, but remember after harvest buds shrink to half the size.


i say aim for a 3' round bush, then flower it. 2' round bushy might only grab ya 7 oz.


if you get a 3' round bushy-plant before flower and then flower it under enough light, water it on timer every 4hrs for 15mins once you get to week 4 of flower, you will get a really kick ass size plant.

think you said sensi ph perfect, good choice, laid back and simple, cant go wrong there. i used to add half strength ph perfect to organic additives and slop jsut to help the plant get the right ph all the time.

coz of the ph perfect additive sensi add to the product, you can rest assured your seedlings will grow fast.

yea ive used sensi veg and bloom and they are great products , especially to add things to, simple as ever for the grower indeed.


maybe have a think about temporary side lighting in veg to get the side branches cranking ?

you are going for gold with one big plant.

ive got many more than 1 lb off one plant before, believe that.


heh heh.

 easy, nothin to it, jsut give yourself the growing times before flwoering and finish your flowering cycle correctly, no problem at all.

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One pound,One plant,in a tent, I'll give it a go

Only because someone just threw me a tent

Fucking hate tents


i have 2 plants i could seriously vegetate up into 1 lbers im sure of it

im not sure if im interested in the challenge tho.

maybe i will buy a new parabolic shade and a 1.2m sq tent , who knows?

i might give it a crack, i feel like it. thats for sure.

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