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Hermies , pollination questions I can't find answers for

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Ok guys/gals ,

I know there is a heap of info regarding hermies etc all over the net but I can't seems to find an answer for a few questions I have.

I'm currently starting week five of flower and unfortunately around week 3 I had my best female (of three) go hermie also unfortunately I didn't notice until shim dropped pollen and impregnated my two other girls. As soon as I noticed I removed the hermie outside and sprayed down the two other girls with water. The hermie I cut the balls off and left it outside to grow and hopefully it lasts long enough to make into hash (no other male parts have formed).

Now two weeks later I can see numerous seeds in the remaining two plants albeit prob not more then 100 on each plant.

I have read various info that once a bud has been pollenated it stops producing thc to focus of making the seeds ..... Now does a bud only have to have one growing seed to completely stop or will the rest of the bud continue growing basically as normal albeit a bit slower/smaller? The trichomes seem to still be populating/growing and overall i only noticed roughly 15% of the white pistils turn brown from pollination so there is still majority white pistils on the plant .... Will those calyx still swell in the final weeks?

Finally I noticed around pollination that the fan leaces started yellowing and then on one plant almost every leaf has started to yellow... Could this be from the extra nutrients used to swell the calyx with seed upon pollination ?


Also I have read that once pollination has occurred a female plant that would otherwise hermie won't as it's been pollenated , if that's the case could one use a plant that has tendency to hermie and selectively pollenated one branch therefore stopping it from 'turning'? If that's the case it could also be used as a preventative in all cases? Has anyone tried this or have any knowledge



And finally does the bud look ok for 27 days since 12-12 flip (first pic)

29 days other pics (decided to pull her outside for a better look at the yellowing)



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Yeah she looked a bit worse inside the tent and I think I had over nuted them in vege so I'm used to it being a lot darker I was just worried that it was spreading fairly quickly, the yellow leaves also have a purplish tinge to them so thought it might be lacking something
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I also think I may have made the problem worse on this plant as I started plucking any leaf that started to turn yellow .... I think the plant needed whatever it was taking from the leaves and then started taking from the rest of the plant , the other plant I only plucked a couple off and it looks a lot better .... In the end though pretty pissed I missed the hermie and it seeded these two plants but seeing I have none waiting in the wind I have to let these ones grow out and hope the smoke is still ok .... Just really want to know whether the bids will still fatten up in the calyx that weren't impregnated
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Although keeping the hermie has been good , I use it as my 'test' plant , before I add different nutrients or different amounts or I wanted to see if the plants would be rootbound etc I just do it all to the hermie, I've pulled shim out by the stem to look at the roots , I removed all lower branches and defoliated . I even accidentally ripped the main stem at the bottom whilst ripping off a lower limb.... The bloody thing still looks the best out of the three and it's only getting around 6hrs of sunlight a day!

So a hermie is good for one thing at least ..... Punishment!

Now the two females that were pollenated by the hermie, worth keeping the seeds?

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Yeah I thought they may be hungry , I really have been light on the nutrients almost the entire grow , little to none in vege and I have been using a bloom nutrient every 2nd to 3rd water and have been using that at 50-75% of what's stated on the box. I flushed her today and then added a light nutrient feed , I'll see if that does anything to this plant compared to the other .... As its bag seed I don't know what the length it would take to ripen so it's all a guess at this stage
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"As it's bagseed" is a probably reason for the hermie, and a sign that the others may also have that tendency, so keep an eye out.


As for the pollinated buds, what's done is done and they will turn out how they turn out.  Yes, seeds will affect potency, but so long as it's not fully seeded bud it will still be decent if the genetics are any good.  The buds will also continue to fill out and fatten up etc, but not quite to the potential they would otherwise have.


As for the seeds, bin them, not all of them will turn out hermie plants, but a good percentage will so it's not worth the risk.


As for the one about a pollinated plant not turning hermie, haven't heard that one, and can't claim to know for certain, but I'm calling bullshit, so keep a close eye on the others.


Best of luck

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Well I punished the hermie a bit too much and left it outside during a very bad windstorm.... Split shim right down the middle where I topped it, so another learning experience , I taped around the main stem to bring the two bits back together then used some hospital tape to really hold it tight .... It's about 2cm in diameter+ so who knows if this much damage can be overcome but either way punishing the hermie has certainly taught me a thing or two! She is also going purple from the cold nights
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