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Has anyone had a pollenated plant go hermie?

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Hey guys/gals,

This maybe a silly question but has anyone ever had a pollenated plant then turn hermie?, I can't see why if the plant was pollenated why it would then throw some balls around but I'll throw the question out to the more knowledgable growers out there

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Yes but will they self pollenate if already pollenated?


If by that you mean can an already fertilised flower get preggers again, then no.  If you mean can a plant with some flowers already up the duff push out late flowering nana's, and are the non preggers flowers still able to be fertilised, then yes, as long as the pistils haven't dried and retracted already.  Late nanas are a natural occurrence in female canna plants if left long enough, and that length of time can vary from strain to strain, but that is not hermaphroditism (if that's even a word?)


As for can a plant still go hermie if some flowers are already fertilised.  There's a ridiculous myth getting around the otherwise completely honest and accurate source of good info (the internet) that once pregnant a plant will not become hermaphrodite.  It's simply bullshit.  A male or female plant can turn hermie if stressed enough, but a plant born with the hermie trait can be impossible to stop from doing it, and chucking a bit of pollen will do absolutely nothing to change that.  So if you have seed with hermie traits, best thing to do is bin it, and if you have a plant turn hermie it's also best to bin it, or at the very least get it the fuck away from any other plants.  And unless you are an insane and skilled breeder, do not breed with those genetics, no matter how good they could be.


And in case you've also read the myth that seed off hermies is feminised, also bullshit.  That refers to seeds made from pollen out of late flowering nana's, not true hermaphrodites.

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Yeah I was asking about the second paragraph , not so much nannas but actually make balls , my hermie grew male parts about 4 weeks into flower on the lower third of the plant , I ripped them off then ripped the plant out of the grow room and threw it outside in the cold to do what it wants and make hash eventually if it makes it, since ripping off the balls it hasn't created anymore and the two remaining females haven't turned but have been partially pollenated.... So I actually didn't know about the myth it was from what I was seeing in my grow and thought hey that would be easy to stop Hermies.... But if it was that easy then I'm sure I wouldn't have been the first to think of it lol
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Cool, and yeah you can still get decent hash off them.  That's what I did with my first hermies (bagseed) and it was fine.  I just about got mine separated in time and only ended up with a few random seeds in the others.  Only had one hermie since, and it was a male that pushed out a couple of fem bits due to a light misbehaving.

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What exactly is a banana?




Bananas (“Nanners”)


Another very common type of mixed gender buds is with the production of “bananas” (sometimes called “nanners”) which grow from the middle of female buds.


Example of a “Banana” or "Nanner" growing among buds


A hermie "banana" or "nanner" appearing among the female buds


Bananas are rarely round and they don’t look like a normal pollen sac. Instead they’re often elongated and yellow, giving them the nickname “banana”. They also often grow together in bunches that can look like a bunch of bananas.


These can be a lot more difficult to control than actual pollen sacs, since they start pollinating everything in the area as soon as they appear. If you have a big banana problem, it may be best to harvest the plants immediately and cut your losses.


What are they? Bananas are actually the exposed “male” parts of a pollen sac, called the “stamen” which would normally be surrounded by a sac to hold all the pollen until it bursts open. If you open up a fully formed male pollen sac, you will see bananas (stamens) inside.


But when bananas appear on your plants, they don’t need to “burst” in order to spread pollen, they will immediately start making pollen and often will seed the buds that are close by even if bananas are removed right away, and sometimes the pollen can drift to other plants and pollinate them as well, too.


The yellow bunches in this bud are bananas/stamens and will pollinate everything they can - they don't have to wait for a pollen sac to burst


Bananas ("nanners") in your bud means that you have a hermie plant, and a hermaphrodite plant is capable of pollinating itself or other buds in the grow area


If a female plant is allowed to go too long without being harvested or pollinated (allowed to go past the point of optimal harvest), she will sometime produce a bunch of bananas in her buds as a last-ditch attempt to self-pollinate and create seeds for the next year. This is sometimes known as rhodelization. This is not as destructive as other types of hermies since it only happens after plants are already past the point of optimal harvest.


What causes it? While genetics does play a role in whether a plant is capable of producing bananas and mixed gender buds, environmental stress is often a big component in causing bananas to form. Luckily if you stick with high-quality genetics, you are much less likely to run into bananas even if you do accidentally stress your plants.


What type of stress can trigger bananas to form on cannabis buds?


Inconsistent Light Schedules & Light Leaks - When plants don't get light at the same time each day, or if they're exposed to light during their dark period (light leak)



Heat - When temps get too high hermies and nanner often appear.



Too-Bright Light - Like too much heat, light that is too bright can stress your plants and trigger hermies. This is most often caused by growers keeping their lights to close to their plants. You can light-burn your plants even when temperature is under control.



Major Plant Problems - Major plant problems like nutrient deficiencies, root rot, pH problems, light-burn and nutrient burn can all trigger bananas to start growing



Genetics - While stress plays a big role in the formation of bananas, the tendency to form them seems to be genetic. This tendency is very common in the seeds of a plant that hermied - these “feminized” seeds, while always female, are much more likely to show the same herming traits as its parent.Growing seeds that were produced this way is naturally selecting to produce more buds that grow bananas.



What should the grower do? It is recommended that you remove plants showing bananas from your grow room or grow area immediately to prevent accidental pollination of buds. If the pollen being formed is allowed to make contact with your buds, those buds will stop focusing on making more buds and will turn all their “effort” into making seeds. If the plant self-pollinates, you will end up with a bunch of sub-par seeds that are likely to have the same problem.


Of the different types of “uncertain gender” cannabis plants, plants with mixed gender buds (especially hermies with bananas) are the least predictable and most likely to cause unwanted pollination. This is partially because with bananas the pollen sac doesn’t need to burst to pollinate buds - it will start pollinating almost immediately.


A grower who watches very closely can carefully pluck all bananas, but they are unlikely to be successful and will probabably end up with at least a few seeds.


Trying to salvage a plant that has started producing tons of bananas is NOT recommended, because it's hard to get them all and you'll end up with seeds. Even worse, once a plant gets started, bananas can appear in huge bunches overnight especially when the plant is stressed.

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