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Hey guys, new grower here. I've got a few plants growing this season, but this plant in particular has been suffering this leaf issue over the last week or so. A couple of others have slightly yellowing leaves, perhaps the beginning stages of this problem. But no where near as severe.


They are all outdoors and have been from seed. It's been really hot this last week. I saw a similar issue that suggested over-watering might be the issue, but wouldn't all my plants be showing similar symptoms, rather that 2-3 of them? Also perhaps a magnesium deficiency? I've fed these girls twice, about 2 weeks apart, with Charlie Carp Organic Fertiliser. They're planted in a mixture of approx 30% soil, 40% peat moss, 30% perlite.


Any suggestions/advice would be very much appreciated. Undoubtedly I'll be frequenting this forum in the near future.


Thanks in advance.



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Sorry about that. Here's some photos of the full plant. Hopefully that helps.


Yeah, I'm referring to the yellowing bottom leaves. You can also see that one of the leaves down the bottom has browned, curled up, and looks basically dead.


Thanks Itchy. I was thinking it was about time to transplant. Just trying to work out what soil I decide to use for the duration of the grow.




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