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Fungus issue possibly .. help!

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Hey gang !

I’m a new subscriber and learner taking what I can off this forum to help me succeed !

First time post as everything seemed to be going alright until I checked this morning - leaf dying around cola and the bud wasting away - seems like some fungus on the stem only on the one branch . They are nearly ready to harvest so do I just chop it in case of losing it or spreading to other plants ?

Thank you photos of other colas off same plant and a close up of the weird possible fungus

Thanks in advance -! First time grow so I have no idea lol






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I have 2x 600 hPs in a 8x4 tent .. I have circulation going intaking from existing room (cool room paneling shed) and then carbon filter straight to outside through a flue in ceiling.

Temp sitting around 27 , humidity I’ll check when back home .

Any cure for bud rot .. all other plants look okay but they are nearly ready to pull - 7 weeks into harvest and trichimes looking milky. Was gonna wait till they fattened up a bit but I’d rather chop them now than risk all of them getting worse !

Thanks for your help much appreciated legends

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Thanks guys I’m putting another fan in now and will chop the rotted bud ... might even pull the others as I have a few clones ready to start another cycle ...nNot worth the risk trying to fatten them up an extra week or two Incase its spreads ! ?

It’s my birthday today the last thing I wanted to see !!!

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