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I got a little concerned regarding the rockwool, as i selected a rockwool size which was to big, and in turn it prevented me from ever being able to feed my plants as the rockwool takes ages to dry out, and if i added to many nutrients it was harder to flush, so i took a VERY crazy risk. and gently tried to remove as much rockwool from the sides and base. I tried to avoid as many roots as possible but i did hear a couple "ripping". as i pulled the rockwool appart.


As soon as i had pulled the rockwool away i put the plant and roots directly into the canna coco and clay pebble mix and gave them some nutrients.

I knew there was a high chance of the plants dying, but i figured plenty of plants can be "replanted" successfully, and once the rockwool was removed i didnt have to worry about trying to flush nutrients out of it, or over watering, and can start being more precise with nutrients measurements and i can monitor fluid PH levels etc.


The bottom baby leaves started showing a really faint yellowing the day before i transplanted the plants, but nothing to concerning.


The very next morning after transplanting i was shocked to see the bottom leaves on all my plants are yellow....


the tips are turning brown on the leaves, and it appears as though the stem has some kind of "dried out layer" covering it. Some leaves crumbled and fell as i touched the leaves, and iv noticed tiny holes here and there, which i have no idea what the problem is there, but i instantly thought arrhhh their dead..... dammit.


to be honest i dont expect much of these plants after i disturbed them, and was just going to use what iv learnt for my next lot, but since ALL the leaves weren’t dried out and dieing i thought i would keep going with feeds and light etc.


My plants are not showing signs of being healthy as they were previously, but the roots have certainly continued to grow, and have already grown to the bottom of their new pots and out the bottom.... Im not sure how plants work, but im guessing if the roots are continuing to grow, the plants arnt dead yet, so maby i shouldn’t throw in the towel and start again JUST yet, Im hoping with some TLC i can get them back to healthy, and perhaps they are just suffering from shock at the moment. They are either deficient in some kind of nutrient or they are being burnt, at this point i cant tell as iv recently disturbed them.


Finger crossed my little ones get back on track with their health. i paused writing this and went to have a look... they arnt to bad actually... :) today’s only day number 2 since moving them. Iv tried diagnosing the symptoms through research but seems all deficiencies have the same or similar symptoms, and each plant has different deficiencies, so i might do a post and get the opinions from others for each plant.


I also want to mention, using the 400W LED light, i observed NO new growth, or any growth of the plant itself. As soon as i switched back to the CFL i noticed new growth over night, which is making question the LED light.


dry, peeling stem



wilting leaves



yellowing and dying tips



dried crumbling leaves, some with tiny holes




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