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sad day,lesson learnt-use black pots



tried to transplant my plants to a bigger pot, as they havent had any growth for a week, and were starting to turn yellow despite correct levels of nutes, PH, temp etc - despite covering the clear pots with foil to block the light, it simply wasnt enough to kill the algae that had taken over, and im sure the algae was thriving on the nutrients, instead of the plant itself.


due to the clear containers having drilled holes, the roots had poked through and then formed root balls out side the pot, so it was way to hard to get the plant out without damaging roots. Needless to say, the two plants i put into their new large black pots have shriveled and died overnight...

im devastated. I wish i had some cloning gel, then i could possibly cut the plant half way, and use it to clone, rather than start from seed. I plan to do that with the other 3 that have survived.


Lesson learnt - Use Black, light blocking pots, fully opaque pots lol.... all well, we live and we learn

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Hey mate if you've got more seeds or can get rooted healthy clones I'd just start again. Cloning from sick plants isn't worth it. I'd hate to get busted with em. Invest your time and money into healthy plants. Think "Risk v Reward".Minimum input for maximum outcome:)
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