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Despite just publishing my last review, i actually wrote it two nights ago and forgot to publish it lol..


so in a little more detail this is what happened. My plants had shown no sign of growing at all, and despite my PH being fine during feeds, some leaves were getting dark splotches which according to a chart i found online, says PH flunctuations. So i peeped behind the foil, and it was ALL green, my clearish containers where now dark green all the way from top to bottom. i Knew i should of planted them in larger pots before hand, but due to being pre-occupied i hadnt, and blocking the light from coming in wasnt helping AT ALL to kill the algae. It looks like all the nutients id been feeding was going to the green fuzz, rather than the plant.

so i decided to change them into proper, bigger black pots (finally) However, having no idea of plant roots, and how big plants (and their roots will go) i actually thought that my small clear containers were large enough (i got this assumption after looking at proffessional hydro equiptment, as sometimes they have 6 plant pots in one container). but the biggest issue which im still not "out of the clear" yet, and before today i thought i would have to start again from seed. I had drilled lots of little holes at the bottom of the plastic container, aswell as all over the sides (my idea for this was seeing someone elses bucket hempys which iv since learnt cannot be done the way i had them set up lol) But the roots had grown through these little drilled holes, and had formed a ball under the pot, so it went Plant the container with medium, then a big ball of roots under the container which was kind of sieved through all the little drilled holes.


I tried cutting the plastic, but i used dishwasher safe, heat safe plastic so it was firm stuff. I managed to cut down the sides, but the bottom - which is the important part that i didnt want to damage to much as its where the roots where, was the extra tough plastic, i tried a knife, scissors, scalpel and last resort a small saw, to try and cut between the plastic holes... i even tried breaking/snaping it, but it wasnt budging.... so to release the plants, i cut the roots off as far down as i could to release them from the container.... i was devasted, as i spent 4-5weeks with these plants, and knowing i was going to have to start again because of my stupid choice in potting lol , i just tried to re-assure myself, its trial and error, and i suppose when your not using proper store brought feeding systems and equiptment, and instead attempt to be creative and use various items around the home, there are certainly going to be errors.


i removed all the plants and since i had some "cloning solution feeding enzym" around, i did some reading up on cloning, and was upset to see that my plants were still to small to clone, their wasnt enough branching off., so after cutting the roots, and rinsing the coco coir and crap off, i dipped them into the diluted cloning solution liquid (wasnt a gel, just the solution to feed the clones with). The plants had wiltered and looked like they were in severe distress by days end, the next morning, i saw them and nearly cried, they had all curled over - not even standing up properly, droopy greyish leaves, all just hanging their, I knew after the trauma of playing musical homes for the plants, that i reduced their chance of survivor, so while i was expecting them to die, its still shocking to see them at their worst. I was preparing to start with new seeds, and trying to perhaps clone some parts of the plant which may survive, but sadly the plant wasnt big enough to get any parts to clone properly.


I thought id give it one more day, and then might try cut the top off, and clone the stem. I kept looking after them regardless (this was 2 days ago) feeding nutrients, and giving them more of the cloning solution in the feed two days after i was ready to call it in, and try again.... today i see where the old dead leaves are, their are new ones in their place, the colour green has returned aswell. some are looking a little unhealthier than others but i just assumed once the plant was dying it was a goner, but now theirs new little baby leaves that have appeared in just one night? it has me confused, they were on the edge of death, then suddenly, they have regained themselves.... . Plus the purple power has formed these fuzzy white things near the branches with purple fangs. I thought perhaps it might be showing gender, but that wouldnt make sence after going through such severe trauma of having half the root system cut, nearly dying, then suddenly coming back to life with a gender two days after? the plant is still way to small to be showing gender aswell. I think iv just been extremely lucky in this instance. No doubt my yeild will be dismal, but its the experience that counts i suppose. plus you never know. two day ago i was getting ready to re-plant seeds, and now as this photo shows, their life within




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