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Need help with the ladies. Possible Pythium?

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Indoor/Outdoor:    Outdoor grow
Growing Medium:   Soil+compost
Growing Style:    Shit at the moment
Watering/Feeding Frequency:     Once top soils about an inch dry. Every 3-5 days. plant is in 4L pot or something of the sort.
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC):     Liquid Seasol plant food for Tomatoes & vegetables One half strength 2 weeks into veg, one full strength 4 weeks in.
PH Levels: soil at around 6.8   (Thats what the crappy analogue soil meter tells me until digital one arrives in mail)
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 26-30C during day. Down to bout 16C lowest early morning
Air Flow/Fans etc.: Great air flow
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): Ye ol sun, direct from about 7am to 4pm right now
Total Wattage:
Growth Stage: 36 days Veg
Plants Age: Popped up on the 10th September
Cannabis Strain: Unsure

How are we guys!!
New to the forum, seen an Aussie one and couldnt help myself haha! 
This will be my first post, unfortunately though about a problem with my plant.
Shes been growing for about 36 days now, has only grown about 4-5 inches but with 5 nodes and a 6th just showing now. Very very stocky plant. But very short.
I figured it was obviously stunted for a reason. First I thought I had problems when the oldest growth, the first 2 true leaves on the bottom of plant started to pale off just slightly.

I parred it off to just overfeeding last Nutes and a Nitrogen lockout so I flushed about 3 days ago.
Colour came back a little bit and then I started noticing a few Fungus gnats getting around. That was an uh oh.
Probably came from the girlfriends potted plants on the other side of the house.
I set up some yellow sticky cards, old jam jars with cheap bear, soap to break the surface with some holes poked in the lid to catch more adults and 2x1x1 inch pieces of potato topsoil too see how bad Larvae problem was.
Caught stuff all adults on yellow cards or in jars, 3 at most and seen no Larvae under potato after 4 hours, 8 hours and 24 hours, even with Magnifying glass. So it was obviously not a problem yet. But they are around. Currently letting most of my plants get bone dry to move them on
Then, I started to read on some forums that Pythium root rot can slow growth and pale out older growth, that can be easily mistaken for nutrient deficiencies/lockouts etc.

So I went out and had a good look at my stem and wouldnt you know it shes a bottleneck and a little brown just under the soil. All new growth looks very good, and so does stem.
I figure either me collecting rainwater for a few feedings or the rain itself has introduced these pathogens? Big mistake on my part.
Because it cant of been from me building up soil by an inch 12 days ago?
This is only my second grow thus far though. Now im going to enclose a picture of a stem that looks almost identicle to mine until my GF gets home and I can use her phone for Pics as mine currently cannot.

Now Im really just looking for ways to battle not only the Gnat population starting., but the possible Pythium/Root rot problem I have.
Now, ive been to get 3% hydrogen Peroxide. I want to mix it to spray folliage, stem and mix with my water im feeding but im not entirely sure on ratios?
50/50 for the folliage spray? 2:10 for the water feeding? I know to let it sit for 20 minutes to mix well before feeding and that it mostly turns to Oxygen after sterilizing soil but this wont wipe out my problem completely will it? What fungal remedies can I get to help this girl? Current water im feeding her is Ph about 6.2-6.5, im using an aquarium testing kit until my Digital TDS and PH meters arrive in mail.
Ive had another seedling sprout about 2 days ago and I dont want her to succumb to the same fate.
So far the plant hasnt seemed to worsen in the last few days. Stayed much the same.
Help me out here guys!!!
And as I said will enclose pics of my plant tonight! 
PICTURE OF THIS PLANT FROM INTERNET. Pics of My plant is further down.

Thankyou kindly for your help


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Honestly, I reckon you are over thinking it. But put some pics up if your plant and I'm sure you'll get some good advice. :)

Definitely possible  :sweat: 

Have definitely noticed a little more paling of bottom growth though.

Will get those pics up asap. 

Do you know good ratios for adding Hydrogen peroxide so I can sterilize things just for peace of mind haha?


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Never used hydrogen peroxide, sorry.


How will that help anything ?

As im using tapwater atm just to kill any bad bacteria that that comes with it and anything in it after ive let sit for 48 hours to evaporate the chlorine/chloramines.

That and to kill anything bacteria/pathogen wise that might be in the watering bottles ive had rainwater in.

If I can find out if I have pythium or collar rot H202 will just sterilize the soil before turning into oxygen. Read up on it quite a bit just cant find anything regarding measurements.

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I'd be looking at your EC and PH before anything else.


Thats a must Billy! Still waiting on my digital meters to get an accurate reading.


Also how do I post pictures as a reply? Cant seem to find an attach button.

**Edit** Dont worry figured it out haha.

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Here are the pics guys!
Help me out! Looks a little worse in the photo than it is, but will staking my plant up help take stress of the bottleneck on the stem?
Shes still pretty strong and not leaning. Im really surprised to see the bottom growth has come back a bit greener in the last 6-7 hours.
Still worried about the stem though!
How do I go about it?
Also should add that 2 weeks into its life a friend of mine who thinks he ''Knows everything'' decided to take the courtesy of snipping my young plants cotyledons off so ''More energy goes to the top canopy''. Anywhos needles to say I was pissed.
But leaves me to ask if that damage to the plant could of left it open to infection?
You can just see the light discolouration on bottom leaves in the last picture.
Have a geez at the pictures and let me know guys.




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Hey EO.


The roots on that cube look ok ,


Pithium rots them from a yellowy to brown colour ,


Your stem could be dabbed with anything that kills mould


I had to use peroxide but it was so long ago I cannot remember the dilution rate I'd Google around on that if I were you


Unless someone else can tell you. But definitely use it.


I wouldn't worry too much just keep your roots moist not wet , and not too cold. And keep those gnats at bay with extra sticky


Things down where your medium is , gnats will bring in pithium


Hopefully the plant will get through this and kick on



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