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Hermie or Male?


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I only have a few main plants and I took this out of the flowering cupboard as it looks like a male to me but it also seems to have some clusters of small buds but but I'm not sure?


Anyway if it is a hermie, do I keep it still? If it's a male, I might have it as my house plants and pet in my room and let it just use natural light of the room. My flowering plants are in another room and cupboard.


I could also use the male to mate with a female for some seeds later too.









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I can't see any pistils, the clusters are probably immature male flowers which will grow over time. Be careful if you do keep it around as it will be hard not to have pollen transfer onto your other plants through the air or from your skin, hair, and clothes.


You can save the pollen from a few flowers to make seeds and that way you don't have to keep the plant around dropping heaps of pollen.


I have also had success keeping male plants in the far corner of my backyard. What does help is showering and changing your clothes after inspecting the male plants and/or collecting pollen.

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It looks pretty male to me. Even if it was a hermaphrodite i wouldn't wast your time as it appears quite male dominant. As for keeping it around, i wouldn't recommend it unless you really want to seed a female in a controlled environment otherwise you run a risk of ruining your females and also wasting time and energy into inferior plants.
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OK, what about just leaving it in the corner of my room and not touching it. I think it would be a good breeder and it looks so nice I would hate to kill it :)


i need some house plants anyway as they bring some oxygen,


i did read about keeping the pollen. not sure how long it lasts?


I might move and travel later so making some seeds is probably a good idea at some stage.

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I have mixed pollen with flour, frozen it for 15 months and successfully used it to pollinate.


I think if you have the plant in your house you will get more pollination that you want unless you severely trim it and collect flowers before they drop pollen.


A recent study counted pollen grains from 250 flowers and found the number of pollen grains per flower to be 36,553 + 8.07. I was surprised the number of grains was within such a small range (I think it should read +/- 8.07 but the article just had a +).

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