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Where to start with nutrients

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Hello there,


Iv been doing some research on nutrients and PH testing and keep getting somewhat confused, as most instructionals and guides will tell you to test the water PH level before feeding the plants, but when i read grow diaries, people test their grow medium. Im a COMPLETE begginer, and i do feel like a d**k for asking very basic questions every knows as common sense, but im a complete newbie, so would be extremely greatful if anyone could possibly answer these questions for me... just yes or no would be fine, but any extra information is always appreciated.


*When people/articles reffer to nutrients, do they mean the PH adjusters, or are nutrients a whole additional thing i need to take into consideration aswell as the PH levels?


*Do the PH adjusters have to be specifically made for the medium type im using?

(i plan on using a mix of canna coco peat, coir, vermiculite and perlite)


*To find the PH levels of your plants do i take a bit of the planting medium in a test tube and test it ?


 *If its to acidic or alkaline do i add the adjusting solution to the feeding water? 


*do i need particular nutrients when using LED lighting?


*When testing how can i be sure im testing the right area, because if i just add a few drops of feeding solution, it oviously wont be absorbed by the entire pot/container that the plant is sitting in, so how can i be certain im measuring the correct areas of the medium for an accurate measure


*(if nutrients are different from PH adjusters) Do i test PH levels before adding nutrients, and again afterwards?


*i was looking at digital PH testers and some have a meter on them that say "dry -------- wet" ... even though these are offered by hydroponic sellers, im guessing this is not the correct type of PH testing tool im after, or is that the one i need?


Are there any HIGHLY RECCOMENDED nutrients that has alot of people raving about how great it is? iv come across a few articles, but most seem to be advertisments, so im wondering if theres some types that are well known in the growing community...and available in australia :)


Any responses and advice are trully greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

Happy growing :)






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Hey Blonde

You should NEVER EVER feel like a dick for asking questions. We all had to start somewhere and although there was no Ozstoners when I started, I certainly had questions. A large part of my learning was trial and error and error and err..... If you don't know, then ask. Some people may make out they know it all, but honestly, nobody does. I know what works for me and my setup but to say I know it all would be BULLSHIT.

I run a recirculation (recirc) system in perlite and clayballs. Both the perlite and clayballs are well washed before I use them. Washing them removes the dust. The dust goes a bit like a grinding paste when it gets wet and is very harsh on my pump. Some people use coco coir but doing so in a recirc system can be problematic as the coco breaks down naturally over time and pumping that back thru your system can cause blockages, floods and other problems. Most coco users run a 'run to waste' system

As for your nutrient (nutes), I use a one part nute, by doing this I don't need to mess around mixing part a with part b and making sure that the right balance of each is correct. I use a brand made by Flairform, a WA based company. Flairform also make my pH dropper test kit and my pH up and down. I have in the past used an electronic pH meter but have had problems with them, so now just use the one drop test kit in a test tube. Its clean and accurate. By using one brand it relieves any conflicts with differing recipes made by differing brands. Your pH adjustment is not considered a nutrient. Nutrients have a NPK measure, that is a measure of Nitrogen(N) Phosphorus(P) and Potassium(K) they also contain trace elements. Your ph adjustment fluid does not have this NPK measure nor does it contain your trace elements . My pH adjust fluid, also made by Flairform, contains Potassium Hydroxide (up) and Phosphoric acid (down) and is only required in drops. As I say my system is recirc so I mix it in my systems reservoir where my fluid returns to. I test twice per day morning and evening and adjust as required. You do not need to use specific nutes for LED's but you do need coco specific nutes for coco.

Although I do not use coco, I have not heard of people 'raving' about nutes that they have had good results for, BUT there have been a few members here with bad reviews of a brand called Cyco. So be aware.


Hope it helps, and please if you have questions (even stupid ones) ask. If they are stupid someone will tell you or they may just direct you to where you can go to get those answers you need.


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