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This is some hydro I've been getting lately, unknown genetics as far as I know looks nice ,smells nice and fruity all the buds are compact and chop out well its light so an eighth looks like a quarter (group shot above is 1.5grams) ,mild to good lung expansion a little bit harsh but I don't like bongs to be too smooth, so it all seems great.. except for this queer taste it has I've tried nailing it down every cone I smoke and am still stumped as to how to explain it so far I've come up with descriptions like :


Lavender soaked in dettol..


Off fuel and mixed herbs..


Incense and exhaust fumes..


And have you ever been steaming vegetables and the water all evaporate from the pot leaving a smelly burnt residue? it sometimes has that smell as a faint taste mixed with herbs and solvents...


These descriptions still don't explain the taste it properly


Other than its bizzare taste it gets you quite stoned and last a fair while good for my anxiety and gives you a mighty appetite.. Just thought id share.. bong on all.

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Nah I've smoked plenty of diesels before and its nothing like any I've come across. However it may have some sort of diesel in its genetics,could be where the fuely solventy chemical taste comes from, really I have no idea, but I've asked my dealer to pry a bit more info out of who ever it is his dealer is getting it from. All I know is I'm unsure if I like it or not ,at first I didn't like it but I think its growing on me.
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