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i just want to get enough to supply myself , 1/4 a week

ive heard leds are cheap to run


im unemployed and cant afford no big power bill

Best to black out your area, get a 250w MH/HPS and some other stuff...


And start, jump on something more substantial when you need it [emoji106]


The 250 will help you out once you get going so no foul


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cheers mate, best reply ive had , i spose

I wouldnt go a 250w... you'll find a cheap 600w digital hps kit for less than 200. Cheaper if you get lucky on gumtree... I bought 5 for 50 bucks each when I swapped from magnetic ballasts and I wish I'd started with them. You can turn the wattage down so you are only using what you need, but you still have the capability to push up to 600w, not limited to 250 or 400. 600w won't break the bank either for your power bill.


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600 w Digital ballast ,and your running at 250 w for first two or three weeks of veg then at 400w and later run it at 600 w for flowering,,so there is savings in the veg mode.

Veg on 24 hrs of light will get you there quicker.the veg time will depend on the final size needed.


Power savings in veg will probably balance out more if you flower 9 or more weeks ,not many strains will have decent weight after only 8 wks of flower.

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