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pH shifting; how much canna koala bear

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Gday Im a bit concered with the pH of my perlite recirc.

Im getting a dirft in the pH each feed. Normally the pH wont move too much and Ill have to adjust it at the end of a 12 hr period.

However, the pH shift on this grow swings from 5.5 to 7+. after each feed!


Im using symbiot nutrient additive, and a citrate for the pH down. I dont know if the organisms in the solution would use the citrate??

I may try  the 'other' bottle of down they sold me. and concider not using symbiot additive.

Has anyone experienced this before??

Im used to the pH changing just not this much, after each feed!

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hey mate im running recirc system with clay balls/ hydroton with same nute additive as well. I had same problem then I flushed my whole system with a lower ph and bought a ro filter system and haven't had any problems yet. :bonghit:

Exlnt, I have done a flush recently using pH 5.5 and changed that several times until the pH stopped changing. The EC dropped to 0.4, Base for the water Im using.

Please tell me more about RO filter systems, I did a quick google and saw aquarium reef reverse osmosis kits.

Did u get yours from a pet shop? what a decent sized one for a 40L Rez?


Alternatively I could just use the H&G system, I didnt have this trouble before so Im putting it down to Symbiot.

Plan B flush with H2O2 pH ajusted water and run H&G, kiss etc. Not sure where Id put a RO Filter...

I saw an autmoated pH adjustment table ...


Stix have you run with H&G b4? do u preffer Symbiot for some reason if so what??

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hey itic I run a ro filter system because my tap water reads .8 to 1 on me ec meter. have never used h & g nutes before I only use Amsterdam indoors nutes with the sysmbiot  nute additive and foliar spray. i got my ro filter system from hydro shop it gets all the minerals and shit out the water. i have run symbiot nute additive twice this being the 3rd run i reckon it brings out the smells more in the buds but i have no evidence to back this up apparently tony bowers uses the same nute additives :bonghit:

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What's your water temps mate?


Also every now and then they scale the water pipes from up north to clean all shit inside these pipes, don't no what chemical they put in the water to do it but a lot of farm properties close to that main line get notified when they will scale these pipes so they can shut off the main line and run off there bore.


The reason they notifiy these people is because the water is full off shit maybe this is the cause just a thought.



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RO filters are good if ya water contains contaminants. I seen them on Ebay quite cheap. Make sure you get at least a 3 stage filter set up...... single filter, you be replacing the cartridge all the time in heavy water.


Reverse Osmosis uses a membrane to seperate the particulates from the water. Is basicaly what a de-salination plant is.

15 years ago, it was all the rage.


H&G was designed to be used with Tap water, is probably why it does well.


peace. Nibbler

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