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I need Help - My ladies leaves are turning purple

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Hi all,


I need help... 


My ladies are in their 6th week of flower and the fan leaves are turning yellow with brown spots. One of them all the leaves are turning purple around the flower (see images)


They are grown in a hot house in pots the soil pH is about 5.5 - 6. I have been feeding them powerfeed and budburst every other watering.


The fan leaves have been turning yellow for the whole flowering duration.


I have just started  the flush period before harvest and have just started using pH'd water (pH of 8) to try and raise the pH a little


What should I do? Is it worth feeding them still? or do I just ride it out for a couple of weeks and hope for the best?


What do you think of the trichome color? almost ready for harvest? One of the pics is named "amber" there are a couple of amber trichomes, is it too late?


Thanks for the help!








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just remove the yellow leaves.


the purple could be due to temperature drops.. or even just in the strains genetics. . nothing to worry about.


id just be giving her water until its harvest time.. another two or three weeks maybe.

Cheers, thanks for that, I will for sure. I don't want any residual nutes left in it.

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