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DIY buffering solution for pH stability

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has anyone made their own buffering solution before to help keep hydro pH level stable for longer? couldn't find any threads here about it, or not with the word buffer in the title anyway, and would love to hear other peoples thoughts about making and applying such a solution


I've been reading about them for the past few hours but it was only when I came across a comment in the following thread that an easy-to-follow recipe became apparent and within reach of regular joe me (chemistry isn't in my toolbelt):


It's a long thread but here is the specific comment that caught my interest, about 1/3 of the way down:


Christian Igunbor · University of Benin

Was puzzled by this until I recently did one and discovered its quite easy to make practically than it is easy to understand theoretically.


To make a 0.05M potassium buffer of pH 6.0


get a monobasic and dibasic of potassium phosphate and calculate as thus:

monobasic anhydrous (KH2PO4) mol. weight = 136.09g

dibasic anhydrous (K2HPO4) mol. weight = 174.18g

1M of KH2PO4 =

136.09g in 1litre of distil H2O


68.05g in 500ml of disti H2O


17.01g in 125ml of distil H2O    etc

1M of K2HPO4 =

174.18g in 1litre of distil H2O


87.09g in 500ml of disti H2O


21.77g in 125ml of distil H2O etc

To make the Buffer you can use this

1M of KH2PO4 = 32.0 ml
1M of K2HPO4 =18.0 ml


Both will be 40ml, add 960ml of distil H2O to make it up to 1litre (this will make its concentration to 0.05M)

putting tall above will give you a buffer solution of ph 6.6 which you can reduce the ph to 6.0 by adding 0.5M phosphoric acid at interval of 0.5ml.

I hope you get the cue.


Is this the sort of thing Advanced Nutrients uses as their 'pH Perfect'?

pretty interesting stuff either way i think

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