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The importance of a pH pen


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So everyone says if you're growing in hydro mediums you need a pH pen. I was always like "yeah, I'm sure I can get by with pH strips". Finally after mixing a few batches of nutes and guessing that the pH strip was measuring between 5 and 6, I thought I was fine, but decided to get a pen as it seemed faster and more accurate.


Well....I tested my current mix of nutes and they were at 7.6. Yikes! So glad I found out early on in my grow.



Moral of the story is, you need a pH pen if you're growing in hydro. Get a pen.



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not always, pool PH strips are probably a bad idea, but you can get a very accurate liquid PH test kits I've been using one for all my grows and a few others use it as well.


People say you need an EC pen / tester as well, but you can get away without it either.

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I have a HM brand pH tester, and EC.  I'd have been screwed without them... During the first few weeks, as my system was setting in, I'd have to the adjust the pH multiple times a day.  I really don't know if it would have got bad enough to kill the plants but they certinly wouldn't have done as well as I feel they have.

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I had no trouble understanding what he said.


Try being more tolerant of others in the community. That might help improve yourself as a person.


Sorry Naycha. Some of these posts come across as someone building up a profile with the intention of later spamming the crap out of the forum. I've seen it on other places.


I'll keep those sentiments to myself in future.

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