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Possible overwatering?


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Hey all,


Last week sometime we had a bit of a downpour. I wasn't at home to put my plant undercover, and it has since started developing yellow leaves that wither and drop off, starting from the bottom and it's slowly working its way up to some larger leaves.


Just wanted some help diagnosing if the problem would be overwatering due to the rain we had, or perhaps a nute problem.


It's been fine otherwise, watering it as I feed (liquid guano), potted in a 20L pot with organic soil. Not using any pesticides apart from a natural homemade bug spray which I doubt is causing this.






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Yeah, chloraphyll is the green we observe in the foliage.... when nitrogen is depleted from the lower leaves because of new upper growth on the plant photosynthesis doesnt occur and the plant rapidly loses chloraphyll from the leaf ... if you were indoors it could be that the lower foliage on the plant isnt photosynthesizing because of a lack of light ... but in this case .... it's pretty much as the 2 gents above noted ... and as you pointed out yourself avsky ....


peace n pot,

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Hey Avsky different pictures may tell a different story pretty shore your yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant are just spent shade leaves,but I don't like the leaf curl in the second picture that don't look like a spent shade leaf,,I really don't know about that maybe a case for the brains trust,Few questions do you spray your plant when its in direct sun and the causer under the pot does it carry much water after watering?i  would fuck that off anyway maybe put it up on sum bricks or something pots need too drain well,the rest of your plant looks quite healthy.2nd picture people what you think......

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