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Large area requires light

Guest Field_of_Light

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Guest Field_of_Light

Ok the basic plan is to do a one off and go nuts on a scrog...the dimensions of the scrog are about 4 metres by 3 metres...what sort of lighting would I need to optimise the grow area........



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if you work out your light based on 50watts per square foot you need over 6000watts of light, which is too much in terms of setup cost and creating an unbelievable power bill I'm guessing. I would be looking into a couple of lights on rails for that size area. As to what size and how to set it up, I wouldn't know.


Good luck mate, it will certainly be quite a project if you get it all to work. Look forward to some pics. :D

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Guest Field_of_Light
thats cool...i already have 3200...and was going to invest in 2 1000 watt hps lights to add to it......yeh i have a rail as well....been so long since i used it i have forgotten how....
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Whoah Field_of_Light talk about a mega fucking grow :D that would be seriously hardcore if you got that off the groud.


Here's some data for you... just to backup what pipeman's already said...


grow area 4x3m = roughly 13x9.8ft, or 127.4 sq.ft (holy shit).


going on basic sog and scrog principles at 4 plants per sq foot that's 509 plants! Hope you got a REAL healthy mother :P


50 watts per sq foot demands a watt requirement of about 6350 watts... like pipeman said :(


Or we could go by lumens. Optimum 7000+ p/sq.ft, yeah? Let's use 7000, at 127 sq.ft that's a lumens requirement of ... sheesh ... 889000.


Okay now back to your original question, what sort of lighting? Well, now we know how many lumens is preferable... I guess you'd have to decide on 600 watters or big 1000's. Common knowledge that 600's are more efficient lumen/watt wise. Here's some more numbers for ya.


Using 600's (at 90000 lumens per 600watt): You'd need 10 (900k lumens), with a 6kw load...


Or using 1000's (at 140000 lumens): You'd need 6 (840k lumens) or 7 (980k lumens) .. with a 6-7 kw load range.


Hmm! More 600's would cost more, of course, but they'd give better distribution than the 1000's... but then again the 1000's would give much better light penetration. I'd assume distribution to be more fundamental then penetration in a grow where most plants are only around the 1ft tall mark.


What do you think?

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Guest Field_of_Light

yeh i might look into the cost of 3 x 600 watters or 2 x 1000....got enuff fours to last a lifetime......


6300 watts....hmmmmmm that is a lot..........


i kind of liken it to my version of a huge outdoor grow...... :D

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