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Help for 1st timer please

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So I started this grow 6 weeks ago now from seed. Just some bush seeds I picked up as a trial run. They are under a 250w cfl 6500k globe at the moment and I have a 2700k globe for flower. My question is I have almost 10cm between nodes on alot of the branches, have I had the light too far above or could it just be the strain? They've been sitting about 20cm above the top for most part.

I have just got my NL and WW seeds today so was just thinking of flipping these and making a start on germinating the new ones. Any suggestions or help would be great.



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The closer the better

just watch the heat

If its comfortable for the back of your hand ie not too hot than its fine for the plant. The problem with CFLs is the light drops out so fast so you have to keep them close, but this means shit coverage

Its prob too late but with CFLs you're better off getting a lot of lower powered globes rather that one big one. 10 25w CFLs would do better than 1 250w cfl because you can spread the light better.

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Yeah you can have em pretty close, but still watch out as they can still burn.


I'm using little CFL's so each one doesn't give out that much heat but if it's a bigger CFL like an 80w and above they can still pump out some decent degrees.


20cm is pretty good you could maybe get away with 15-10cm.


And you will always get a bit of extra stretch with CFL's that's just what i've noticed.

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I always wandered why so many were using multiple globes instead of just the one, seems obvious once someone says it. The cfl's were from a friend so didn't cost anything but not really in a position to spend on a decent setup atm. Just happy I got 4 from 4 females so I got enough space for 2 in the 600 x 1200 cupboard under lights and the other 2 in the sunshine outside. Thanks for the tips, will get the tape measure out tomorrow, maybe drop them a bit and keep watching. Helped my mate with his grow with these lights before and never noticed any burn either time yet so maybe i can drop a bit.
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Well I've been out of action for the last 3 week's with a bloody broken foot but I have a bit of an update with these...post-64445-0-78541500-1542847031_thumb.jpg



These 2 were flipped about a week ago, changed globe and switched to 12/12 but since then haven't had much bud formation, in fact probs more stretch than before? What should I be doing with these now, defol or just leave them for a bit longer? Was actually thinking of cutting my losses and choosing the best one and trying to scrog just the 1?

On the other hand I did manage to repot one of the outside ladies so far and they are both much better with shorter nodes and good growth.





I have also just popped some NL auto and WW fast from Yantra, thinking I might just be growing outdoors till i can save for some decent lights, not working for me with these cfl, unless it might be worth getting another ballast and running the 130w and 250w at the same time?

Any suggestions are always appreciated. Cheers people


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So I have a problem with this outdoor plant. Was repotted over a week ago, we have a heat wave this side with temps into the 40's for the last 5 days. Leaves don't look very good at all. Started with the older sugar leaves but starting on the new growth now too. Is this heat stress or a nutrient deficiency? Any help please? post-64445-15436200746_thumb.jpegpost-64445-154362008901_thumb.jpeg


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