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First time scrog - need pointers and advice

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I’m running two posts my bad! I’ll stick with updated pics on this one if anyone’s interested from now


So had a hermie on my feminised c99xbig bud in my 1.5sq tent which I’m spewing about it just started pumping some big flowers

Removed it and I’ve put a fem Cream Cheese Cbd from Seedsman to replace it . Going okay hoping for 3-4 Oz a plant minimum would be nice since I didn’t probably veg them long enough and being my 1st scrog and only 3rd grow I’m not good at guessing final turnouts yet but see how I go !


The main scrog (2.4x1.5 ) has gone bloody bananas - I fu!ked up big time with the 4/5 different strains some are short burst and some have grown huge so trying to tie them down a bit for an even canopy but hey - should have asked questions first and got advice like Merlin said :)


All a big learning curve sometimes less is more and patience is key .




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So nearly 5 weeks into veg - about 6 -7 since went 12/12 and the scrog has filled out a lot better than original in the larger area had to tie some down - 2 have been seeded but letting them grow out and I’ll make butter out of them .




The 1.5 sq is almost a sog with a net under 2x 315s cmh - couple of critical mass cbd and a cream cheese and Gelat OG ... removed the seeded and hermie one and all was left was the durban skunk , so put that out of the tent under a 600 to finish it up - still pretty fluffy buds hopefully the PK fattens them ? About 4 weeks to go on that one I think starting to go slightly milky - I believe if you wait till amber they fatten right up ! ? (2nd pic is the Durban in the single pot)


They were already vegged so using them up . Going to pick my favourite and then have a mother tent and take clones from here on in instead of waiting on seeds etc turns into a 4 month expedition ! post-64125-155679154735_thumb.jpg


Cheers - side note - gonna metal frame it like MLG and Merlin next time on the bottom and then make one out of pvc like Sootys (I’m a plumber so got plenty of pipe and fittings laying around the shed )

Will post a photo

Yeehaa :)



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Another bit of advice (probably a bit late now tho DOH)

When she's young, if you tip her (pluck the centres from the growing tips) you'll get a much better even coverage of growth over the whole SCROG area, with less gaps and holes

It will also help in keeping most of the flowering tips all at around the same height, so less chance of being shaded out by faster growing branches.

In real basic terms I 'try' to have one tip/square



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