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Guest Babybear
Hate to ask a silly question , but why is a hermy so bad? is it like the male which can turn the rest of plants to male? But i have also been told that some time the gendor is there before its even 5 cms tall. im prolly wrong But no harm in askin :blink:
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A hermie has both female and male flowers so it can pollinate your crop, this reduces your yield and means you get seedy mj, they are usually treated the same as male plants in the crop, they are also used by breeders to produce “feminised” seeds.



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So a hermaphrodite that pollinates itself only produces female seeds ??


Is there a chance that these female seeds can turn into hermaphrodites too. ??


I ask because I have a Bubble Gum plant 2 weeks into veg and I noticed pollen pods starting to form about a week ago so I thought I'd move it to another room and let it grow then collect the pollen.


But now a week later, its starting to grow buds as well.


Hopefully I'll have a vegemite jar full of feminised Bubble Gum seeds soon :blink: :)

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